a small bee-wonders of the beekeepers of Notre-Dame will be happy: Despite the devastating Brands, all three hives are intact on the roof of the sacristy, said Nicolas Géant, the AFP news Agency.

“The life of bees. I had not expected.” He had received calls from people from all over the world who would have taken care of the animals.

Gaping hole in the roof

Videos show the heavy damage in the Interior of Notre-Dame

beekeepers: This kind of gives your bees hives

Géant said, the spokesman of Notre-Dame had informed him only two and a half days after the fire that the bees plaster to be sound and to have their homes buzzed around. On satellite images, the hives are visible.

“This kind of gives your bees on sticks,” said Géant is proud of its European bees. In the case of a fire they sucked with honey and protect their Queen. The beekeeper hopes to be able to the insects coming week to make sure that, if the main Work to stabilise the house of God are finished.

dho / AFP