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5 Celebrity Style Hair Every Girl Will Love

The internet is flooded with hairstyles for different hair lengths but not all those hairstyles will be suitable for your features and shape of your shape. Girls want to look like their favorite celebrities because they are stylish and look glamorous on-screen. If you have medium length hair and don’t know how to style your hair up then we have some really good suggestions for you. We will be listing down 5 famous celebrity’s hairstyles that you can copy to look glamorous and attractive like them. These celebrity-inspired hairdos will help you to look classy and appealing like your favorite stars.

Center parted low bun

prinyanka chopra

If you are going out with your friends or planning to have a fun night out you cannot go wrong with a low bun. Priyanka Chopra flaunted this hair bun recently and the fans love this hairdo on her. If you are a big Priyanka Chopra fan and think that she is gorgeous then you can try out this hairstyle. You can make a neat low bun and tie it with a hair pony. Priyanka has left a couple of strands of hair out to give a stylish touch to the hairdo.

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Rope Braid

karishma kapoor

The classic braids can sometimes be too repetitive. It would be great to modify the braid to a rope braid. The Karishma Kapoor style rope braid would suit all the girls who have a small and round face. It will make your facial features more prominent. This is one of the best sleek hairstyles that you must try if you’re a Karishma Kapoor fan. This sophisticated hairdo will make you look like a boss lady.

High Pony tail

tara sutaria

If you are a fan of Tara Sutaria and feel that she is a style diva then you can try out her high ponytail look. Tara has taken a high ponytail to another level by curling it down a little bit. The soft curls and wavy hair make her look even more gorgeous.

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Front twisted French braid

nidhi agarwal

Niddhi Agerwal looks ravishing in this front twisted French braid hairdo. It is a slightly messy looking French braid and girls with medium hair can pull of this hairstyle well. This hairdo will look exceptionally great if you are planning to wear a traditional dress. Traditional dresses require you to make different hairstyles from the usual because a modern hairstyle might not suit your desi traditional dresses. This hairstyle is a must-try for all the girls who are going to a wedding party soon.

Half-Up Ponytail

anaya pandey

Ananya Pandey looks beauty in this half-up Ponytail. This hairdo will give you a chic look and is perfect for girls who are teenage girls. The hairstyle is easy to make and it requires minimum tools. If you tease the top half section of your hair this hairdo will look modern and appealing. The half-up ponytail is a perfect hairdo if you are going out casually. It is also suitable for going to college or a get-together.

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