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Hip Hop Artist D-Witt

Introducing the Artist:

D-Witt has been one of the new faces in the entertainment industry that have slowly begun to gain popularity on the basis of their music. D-Witt has charmed his fans with his amazing talent of hip hop influenced with rap, trap, hype, chill, and other genres of music. He lives in Rockford, IL. D-Witt has always been extremely passionate about making music and have been struggling to make this dream come. In 2014, he finally gave his passion a professional platform and started his journey of hip hop from YouTube where he made a huge number of fans.



Seems like dreams do come true for those who work hard for it. D-Witt worked hard enough to land himself as Rockford’s #1 ranked Hip Hop Artist. He was also Rockford’s number one most talked about Hip Hop Artist, as per the records of Reverbnation. A lot of his songs that stirred up the authentic hip hop fans and have increased his credibility as an artist. His fans may not be in millions, but he is on his way to make that possible for himself as well.


Social Media Reach:

D-Witt has his social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Soundcloud. He has about 36.5k followers on Instagram. He has about 4,338 likes and 4,301 followers on his Facebook page which is run by him and his team. On Twitter, he has 26.6k followers. His account has also not been verified yet. Lastly, his Soundcloud has 920 followers. While his social media reach may seem limited, he is in process of making his way to the top and that can be clearly seen by the efforts he puts on his songs and how well they’re received by his fans.

Released Songs:

His song ‘escaping me’ has been played over 16.5K times on Soundcloud. The fans have loved the beat and tune of this song and that has been considered one of his best ones. His another song, ‘blue water’ has been played over 10.3K times on Soundcloud. This song was released four years ago. Another of his songs ’play the game’ has been played 2,631. This may not be his best song ever but he still went a long way to improve that. Lastly, his best ever and widely well-received song ‘enemy’ has been played over 1.13M times. That’s very impressive for a newcomer in the music industry.

Final Words:

Despite being a newcomer, D-Witt has shown a lot of potential to be considered one of future stars of the music world with his talent and utmost dedication. He is on his way to become a huge celebrity of music and hip hop. All he needs to do is to keep increasing his pace and make more amazing songs and reach out to his fans to give out a lasting impact for his music. The world needs more new talents to take over the music world by storm and keep hip hop alive.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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