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John Cena Net Worth, Wrestling, Age, Wife, Height In Feet

John Cena (John Felix Anthony Cena Jr.) is a WWF superstar and is known to be a very skilled wrestler. Additionally, he is also a rapper, actor and television host. Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, is a famous reality show on nickelodeon which he was hosting for many years. He won the WWE championship in 2004.

John Cena Quick facts

John Cena was born on April 23, 1977, at West Newbury, Massachusetts. He is the second son of the family. Since his young age, he was enthusiastic when it came to sports. He used to gym for many hours when he turned 15. He studied psychology as a major is college years and played basketball and other sport games at school and college. His father was not infamous of him joining the WWE. Despite that, he moved to California to start his career in WWE he only had $ 5 when he moved to California and had to work at the gym to make a living. His tough times ended when he signed a contract in the WWE championship.

John Cena Age, height, nickname and weight

John has been given a cute nickname by his fans and they often call him the champ. He is 6 feet and 1 inch in height. His eye color is blue and hair color is brown. He is 42 years old currently and weighs around 85 kg. He is very masculine and fits the bill perfectly for WWE.

John Cena Wrestling

John entered the wrestling scene in 2002 while he started his pro wrestling career in 1999 initially. It was considered a big break for him after going through a lot of troubles in California. He has a very record-breaking career winning many champions throughout. He won WWE world heavyweight championship nine times, WE tag team championship two times, world heavyweight championship three times and world tag team championship two times. His career stats speak volume of how talented he is.

John Cena Achievements

John Cena is the winner of Royal ramble in 2008 and 2013 respectively. He was also selected as a winner of Money in the bank and Slammy awards. No wonder he is given the title of the champ.

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John Cena Wife and other relationships

John Cena has been linked to many girls. He was dating Victoria Lisa in 2002, Kelly in 2012, AJ brooks in 2012 and Nicky Bella in 2013. He was dating Elizabeth Huberdeau for few years and they finally got married in 2012. Soon after separation rumors started floating in the industry and John filed for a divorce leaving his wife shocked.

They decided to part ways after a messy breakup. Due to his cheating habit, he has not really been in a steady relationship for a long time. Time and again he was linked to his fellow WWE stars. After divorcing his wife he got engaged to Bella but they also called it off at the end of 2018. Another exciting news hit the media when it was reported that he is dating a commoner named Shay Shariatzadeh. Well, his dating history is never-ending. We can never predict who he will date next.

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John Cena Net worth

John is one of the richest WWE players and his net worth is known to be $ 35 million. He has a huge collection of cars and loves to buy every brand which is out in the market. He owns a big house and loves to travel around. He is fond of weightlifting so spends a lot of money on the equipment. He has a shining career in WWE but when he entered the television and film industry he made a mark for himself increasing his net worth even more.

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