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William Zabka Net Worth, Career Highlights, Bio, Dating & Personal Life

William Zabka is an American actor, writer, and director and is very popular among people. His first successful period started when he starred in the hit movie Karate Kid. Due to that he got instant fame internationally and has got a lot of accolades for the same. Cobra Kai was another film that made him gain a lot of success and there was no one who didn’t know him. He has always chosen diverse roles due to which he has reached where he is today. Now we will discuss his personal and professional life that many fans don’t know about.


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William was born on October 21st, 1965 in New York. Surprisingly both his parents were working in the entertainment field. His father was the assistant director on the popular show named ‘The tonight show with Johnny Carson’. William was interested in this field since his childhood. Even when he was studying he got the chance to act in ‘’The Greatest American Hero”. He couldn’t complete his studies as he was interested in pursuing his film career. William is a senior actor who is 55 years old currently. His height is five feet and eight inches.


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William became a successful actor when he starred in Karate Kid. The film earned a total of $100 million in the USA and it was made on a budget of $8 million only. The Karate craze was global and there was no one who didn’t watch it. After getting inspiration from the film he started learning martial arts and earned a belt too. Cobra Kai was another success in his career and because of that, he became an overnight star. He easily earned $100,000 per episode and for two long seasons, he earned quite a big amount.

Net Worth and Personal Life

The total net worth of William happens to be $ 3 million. He is an actor, martial artist, producer, screenwriter, and film director. If this isn’t enough he is also a musician, singer, and songwriter and because of all these professions, he has earned this much amount. He lives in a big mansion that has got many bedrooms and a big theater. There is also a big pool and he likes to keep different accessories and big cars. He has led a controversy-free life and is loved by his co-workers.

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Wife, Dating, and Kids

William has been linked with a few prominent celebrities in his life. His long term love and wife is Stacie Zabka. They have been together for many years but due to some differences broke up in 2008. People used to envy them as they have a good bonding that most of the couples don’t have nowadays. However, the divorce was shocking news for everyone. He has openly talked about his relationship in the media and doesn’t mind sharing his family photos. The couple is blessed with two children and even if the couple is divorced they give a good time to their kids. His children are very talented and we may see them in some film or TV show very soon.

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