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Rich Barton Net Worth, Career, Bio, Age, Personal Life & More

Rich Barton is an American entrepreneur and businessman. He is one of the richest businessmen in the world but he is best known for being the CEO of Zillow Group. He has also been the founder of Expedia and Glassdoor. Rich has gained all the name and fame due to his hard work and he has seen steady growth in the business. Rich has been a true inspiration for all business persons. If you want to know more about his inspirational journey read the following details below.

Bio and Early Life

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Rich was born on June 2nd, 1967 in Connecticut. He has graduated from Stanford University and started working for Microsoft. Since his childhood, he was very much business-minded and wanted to explore this field. He started an online travel company named Expedia and the real estate company named Zillow. The search job engine and another career community named Glassdoor.

Rich started a travel photography site Trover that was later acquired by Expedia. He has also been a partner at Benchmark and been on the board of directors for Netflix too. In 2003 Rich was officially named as MIT Technology Review top 10 innovations under the age of 35. He has been named as the presidential ambassador for Barack Obama. He is 53 years old currently and born as an American national.

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Zillow Shares and Net Worth

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Rich has been one of the largest individual stockholders. He owns about 15.8 million shares. In 2018 he bought another 70,000 shares in the open market. He also became a billionaire in a short time and also got $135 per share. The total net worth of Rich happens to be around $2.1 billion and has a lot of assets too. He is one of the richest business persons and started his work for Microsoft.

After gaining all the success in a short time it was his real estate internet company Zillow that got him everything. He has been a venture partner at BenchMark and has also earned a lot of amount by being on the board of directors of Netflix. Zillow Group has seen a steady increase in the business as its shares are growing each year. He has also been one of the top innovators even at a very young age. Each year the shares of the Zillow group have been rising by $135 per share.

Personal Life and Relationship

Rich got married to Sarah Marcus who has been his long-term love. He has been a dedicated husband and his life has been free of all the controversies. Due to his hard work he has achieved billionaire status and made a mark on the Forbes list too. He is very active on social media and loves to post his daily updates. Rich and his wife have a huge mansion where they have all the luxuries. Despite the busy schedule, he makes sure that he spends quality time with his family. Rich likes to lead a luxurious and lavish life while has a huge collection of cars too.

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