The former campaign chief of U.S. President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, has been sentenced to nearly four years in prison. A court in Alexandria, Virginia imposed due to tax and Bank fraud, Years of a 47-month prison sentence against the 69 -. The sentence remained well below the recommendation of the U.S. Department of justice, and from Russia-special investigator Robert Mueller. This had called for 19 and 24 years in prison.

Guilty of tax fraud

Manafort was in August, due to tax and Bank fraud have been found guilty. It was the first conviction in the Wake of Mueller’s investigation. However, it was not in the process of allegations regarding Manaforts activity as trump’s campaign Manager, or with a view to a possible intervention of Russia in the US election. The Ex-Lobbyist was instead found guilty, to have millions in revenue from his consulting activities for Russia-friendly politicians in the Ukraine between 2005 and 2014 hidden. The Prosecutor’s office, according to Manafort had hidden in accounts in Cyprus, more than $ 55 million from the tax authorities.

Manafort had led Trumps election campaign team for two months. He had to give up the Post in August 2016, after the alleged money flows to him from the environment of the 2014 ousted pro-Russian head of state Viktor Yanukovych is known. Special investigator Mueller described Manafort, in a Memo recently as the “three most” Criminal “repeatedly and flagrantly” violated the law.Judge T. S. Ellis said, Manafort had committed “serious” Offences. The demand for between 19 and 24 years in prison was “excessive”.

The imposed sentence is the hardest sentence against a former Trump employee, in the course of Mueller’s investigation. In a second case next week, is expected in Washington in a penalty against Manafort.

More Donald-Trump-employee accused of

In the Wake of Mueller’s investigations, several other former Trump were accused employee pleaded guilty or have already been sentenced: trump’s former National security Advisor, Michael Flynn, his longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen, his former foreign policy adviser to George Papadopoulos, Ex-consultant Roger Stone and Manaforts long-time business partner, Rick Gates.


trump’s former election chief under fire: judges accuse Manafort of lies

Paul Manafort is in trouble: Donald trump’s Ex-campaign chief should have lied to the FBI investigators in the Russia affair. In mitigation, he can no longer hope, but maybe on the US President.

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