General Robert Neller is the top Marine, he is 37. Commander of the US Marine corps. But even this high-ranking officer doesn’t know at all, what US President Donald Trump is planning. This was during a troop visit in Afghanistan. There Neller had to step in front of his soldiers – a short time before Trump had announced via Twitter the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria and a significant reduction of troops in Afghanistan. The soldiers in Afghanistan, the imminent return to the United States was burning under the nails.

on the one Hand, this announcement was completely on the line of Donald Trump. Already in the election campaign, he made his dislike no secret of the fact that lead to eternal wars in which no real victory. But his decision now, not only were the allies surprised, but also his military. They wanted to know what the commands Trumps mean for the soldiers who are currently in combat engagements, according to the “Wall Steet Journal”.

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resignation letter wording

slap in the face for Trump – with these words, Mattis explains the reasons for his resignation

“That’s a really good question,” replied the commander. “And the honest answer is that I have no idea.” Other leading military, as the Navy Minister, Richard Spencer, had to fit in Trumps plans accordingly. “I don’t think anyone really knows what is going to happen,” said Neller. “I have read the Same in the Newspapers, like you. I Know a little bit more to it than that, but not much more.”

“Want to know your family, whether you come from?”, he asked a group of Marines in Helmand province. Most of the soldiers nodded, apparently. Neller has not saved the Situation, according to “WSJ”-information with a joke: “no, you go away of here so fast.” Christmas at home is not an Option. So all of a sudden it will not come in Afghanistan to a partial withdrawal.

What comes to Mattis?

Major Richard Bates, the officer in charge of the Marines on the base, told the “WSJ” that the resignation of the Minister of defence Mattis for him was the more important message. The former General “Mad Dog” Mattis enjoys a unique Reputation in the U.S. armed forces. “This resignation is more devastating than the withdrawal of troops,” said Bates. “It will be hard to step into his shoes.”

source: “Wall Steet Journal” Marines Deployed Abroad Seek Answers Amid Washington’s Turmoil

Secretary of defense Jim Mattis

Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis – the man, the between Trump and the third world war

Jim Mattis fought in bloody battles, he fueled his troops with murderous spells and was called the “mad dog”. Earned. But while Trump hounding and bullying, was the top military to the “General heart”.

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