the situation in The South American crisis, the state of Venezuela is coming to a head: In the struggle for power between the (Still)-President Nicolás Maduro and his self-proclaimed successor to Juan Guaidó the government should go to loyal security forces to use violence against opposition supporters. On the border with Brazil recently, four people were killed in clashes on the border with Colombia, have been injured, according to the AFP news Agency, hundreds of people.

Critical questions on the situation in Venezuela,

How precarious the human rights situation in the country, also shows an incident in an American TV crew was involved. After the in the USA well-known Reporter Jorge Ramos from channel Univision on Monday had led to an Interview with power commander, Nicolás Maduro, has been the Journalist and his five team members hours of.
Ramos had asked the President a number of critical questions, reported to his employer. Among other things, he had shown Maduro shots of children, they searched the car, in the poverty-stricken country in search of food in a garbage.

“I asked him if he can’t see himself as a President or as dictator, because millions of Venezuelans see him as the rightful leader of their country,” said the Reporter. Maduro had then broken off the Interview after a good quarter of an hour.

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What is the role of the US in Venezuela?

It is Pointed on a button in Venezuela. At the borders of the blood flowing, but President Nicolás Maduro enjoys the support of the military. Question is: for How long? In the neighboring country of Colombia, his self-proclaimed successor with representatives of the United States meets already.

The Journalist reported that he and his Team had been captured after more than three hours against her will in a room with no light at the presidential Palace in the capital Caracas, their cameras and cell phones were searched and seized. In addition, the Team in case of resistance had been the carryover threatened.

Journalist Jorge Ramos wants to leave the country

Ramos responded to the release appalled at the treatment by the Maduro-loyal security forces: “This is a violation of the freedom of expression, a violation of human rights, a violation of the rights of all journalists,” said the Reporter. He now wants to leave during the day, together with his colleagues, the country – without the confiscated equipment.

for Latin America, responsible U.S. diplomat Kimberly Breier tweeted after the incident: “the news of The arrest and the confiscation of the equipment is the latest reminder that freedom of the press in Venezuela is granted only to those who spread the lies of the regime.”

said The journalists organisation reporters without borders (RWB), it is in times of political crisis is essential to ensure the Venezuelan people the right to information. In the ranking of press freedom by reporters without borders (RWB) was Venezuela in the past year on the 143. of 179 seats. “The police and the secret service to proceed rigorously against the media reports on the economic and political crisis. Journalists are being arbitrarily arrested and Interrogated and abused, their equipment destroyed, foreign reporters deported”, – stated in the annual report of the organization of 2018. Meanwhile, the censorship was in the country on a “new climax”.

Among other things, the German Journalist, Billy Six, is in detention there, according to ROG. A military court accuses him of, therefore, espionage, Rebellion, and the “violation of safety zones.” The process was a “Farce”, the ROG-managing Director Christian Mihr. It was a “political process”. Six worked according to the ROG, among other things, for the right-wing conservative media, “Young freedom” and “Deutschland-Magazin”.

The temporarily captured U.S. Journalist Jorge Ramos said to the worsening situation in Venezuela: “If this happened, foreign journalists, imagine what happens with the Venezuelans.”