The fact shocked the whole of Germany: Out of nowhere a man on Saturday about 8.45 PM has a to him unknown woman in front of an incoming train in the station Voerde encountered. The 34-Year-old died in the track bed, despite all the rescue efforts. The 28-Year-old was detained by witnesses until the Arrival of the police.

A day later, adopted by the district court of Duisburg arrest warrant for murder. The accused 28-Year-old from Hamminkeln to have pushed the woman, according to the Prosecutor’s insidious and lust for murder on Saturday morning to the track bed in front of an incoming train, such as the police and the Prosecutor’s office said on Sunday together.

the suspect is a police

On Monday, it was then known: The man in the past was already violent. He had been to the police, among other things because of theft and physical injuries, said a police spokeswoman.

man pushes woman in front of incoming train – 34-Year-old dies on the spot


Including two procedures in which he had violated, police officers are: by the end of June, he accordingly, in a restaurant on a rampage. When police tried to immobilize him, he fought back.

at the end of March he should have at a neighbour’s house and threatened to riot. “Because he has done then at the time of arrest resistance,” said the spokeswoman. In another case, he stopped a tractor driver and threatened. In addition, he had served in the past two custodial sentences as a substitute for fines.

suspect knew the woman

the perpetrator and the victim knew each other prior to the attack. Also, there were on the platform is no dispute between the two, so the information provided by the investigators. The offender is supposed to have the woman silently from behind, approached, told witnesses to the police. Then he pushed you on the Track. “Just like that. He has not spoken with her, and talked. He should be gone and you will have encountered,” said police spokeswoman Jacqueline Grahl on Monday.

people from the environment of the 28-Year-old would now be asked to clarify the Central question: “Why someone goes on the platform, and push someone on the tracks,” said the police spokesperson. The 34-year-old victim was the mother of a 13-year-old daughter. “The woman leaves behind a husband and a child,” says Grahl.

The Suspect-in-law, yet to the allegations. “He has not spoken to the Tatvorwürfen and can be represented by a lawyer,” said police spokeswoman Grahl.

these incidents on train tracks made for headlines