In the fight against the criminal Clan members want to work together in several affected provinces better.

the exchange of experiences, the coordination of actions and the involvement of the Federal criminal police office (BKA), said the interior Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin, and the Bremen police shortly before the beginning of the conference of interior Ministers, the theme from 12. June on the agenda. Berlin’s interior Senator Andreas hostage (SPD) also gave Europol, the police of the EU, into the game. The BKA had already announced a location image to criminal members of the Arab Clans.

North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU), told the German press Agency: “The activities of criminal Clans at länder borders, so it may not do the investigators as well.” Therefore, the police should not have the authorities to “urgently in a better way”. Necessary, for example, a single, nationwide picture of the situation was.

drug trafficking, Shisha Bars, betting offices and auto-trade

“Clan-crime is not a petty crime,” said Reul. Income will come to the location of the image according to the drugs trade, Shisha Bars, betting shops and the car trade, but also from the fraud of key services, as well as the social power mesh around with the wrong police officer, and scammers Scam. He was confident that the Minister of the interior, to communicate in Kiel on a “much needed Roadmap” in this area.

Reul had presented in mid-may the first picture of the situation to the Clan-crime in NRW – with alarming results. Accordingly, the police located in NRW 104 criminal Clans. Alone in the years 2016 to 2018, approximately 6500 Suspect from the scene for more than 14 000 criminal offences had been responsible. Their stronghold in North Rhine-Westphalia is to eat. Every fifth Crime is the basis of the findings, according to the account of the two Clans.

citizen security

Berlin’s interior Senator hostage feel stressed: “We don’t have to deal with national and international more with this topic, because it is not only spectacular crimes, but also to the calculated break with the rules in force, the life, the values of peaceful co-option.” The have an impact on the safety of the citizens feel.

hostage referred to Berlin’s 5-point Plan to combat the Clan-crime, is also supported by NRW. A Central component of the concept is the interagency cooperation between different authorities: police, prosecutors, tax police, trade Inspectorate, the Jobcenter is. This includes the rigorous prosecution of smaller violations and the confiscation of the wealth comes from. Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia put on raids and a consistent Zero-tolerance line in the so-called minor crimes.

In the Bremen police spokesman Nils Matthiesen said: “A comprehensive and coordinated approach against Clans is endorsed by the police Bremen. This includes an improved exchange of information between the police stations and land offices of criminal investigation across countries.” There is already a close contact with NRW, Berlin, lower Saxony, and the BKA.

Also in lower Saxony, the ever-growing crime of family clans of the police to create. Since March 2018, the police is implementing a concept of the crackdown. 2017, according to the Ministry of the interior 248 of the outstanding operations in connection with criminal Clans, 2016, there were still 143. In the picture of the situation of Organised crime in lower Saxony, the Clan-crime, is presented in a separate Chapter.