last Monday, was the owner of a Moscow apartment a cruel Fund: In the Apartment that he rented at the 24-year-old Ekaterina Karaglanova, he discovered the corpse of a young woman naked in a suitcase forced. The body of the blogger had numerous knife injuries, in addition, her throat had been cut. Now the Russian police could take a suspect firmly. Recordings of surveillance cameras have led the police on his trail. On Thursday, Maxim G. the detention was presented to the judge. During his interrogation, the 33-Year-old confessed to Karaglanova killed, according to the investigative Committee.

according to him, have worked with the young woman as a prostitute and to this day, him as a customer receive. After he had had Sex with her, he advised her in a fight. “You told me that I was a Nobody and ugly. And to me, no plastic surgery would help,” said Maxim G. during his interrogation, such as a Video, which was published by the investigation Committee, shows. In fact, the young man has already had several surgeries.

daughters kill their own father

for Years, terrorized, tortured, beaten up – then three sisters for revenge

By Ellen Ivits humiliation as a motivation for progression?

“she has humiliated me and my sexual abilities offended,” said the alleged perpetrator. You’ve laughed at him and said that he would only get in a year, the money for a new Meeting together. “I could not bear it, and have at least stabbed five Times on her neck and chest”. He regret his action and will work with the investigators,” assured the 33-Year-old.

prior to the statement of Maxim G. Russian media had reported that there was a suspicion that the victim might as an Escort-Girl have worked. On your Instagram channel, where they had 84,000 Followers, published, the young woman pictures of expensive holidays, and demonstrated a life of luxury and although she was, according to official figures still a student.

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