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Record of Grancrest War: Sequel, Release Date and Other Updates

Record of Grancrest War has been a unique anime and the journey has been quite interesting for the fans. The light novel made its debut in 2013 that ran successfully till 2018. The anime has released alternate manga adaptations in 2013 that released 43 chapters and another one in 2016 that released 48 chapters.

The Record of Grancrest War manga adaptation ended in 2016 and the fans are looking forward to getting more content on their favorite characters. The series has been compiled into seven volumes and the franchise has already launched a game and anime adaptation.

What are the updates on Record of Grancrest War by Viz Media?


Viz Media has already published the English translation of the 7th volume of Record of Grancrest War that is written by Makoto Yotsuba on July 14, 2020. International fans can now enjoy the manga in the English language. The last chapter of the series concluded sometime back and has left the fans with a lot of answered questions. Viz Media released an official statement about the series.

“It’s all been building to this climax! Siluca and Theo’s plans, their hopes, and their dreams—all are going to be put to the test in this final volume. Can the genius mage and upstart Lord pull off one last win, or will this be the end of everything they hoped to accomplish?”

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What are the fans of Record of Grancrest War expecting?

The last chapter of the series had a lot of loose ends and fans are wondering how the next chapters will turn out to be. There are multiple questions that the developers have not yet answered in its 7 volume run. The series was adapted from the light novel series in the past and the readers are expecting they might get a sequel soon which is likely to be based on the light novel.

Fans wish to get a sequel by its author and are hoping that the whole story will be covered this time. The sequel isn’t confirmed as yet so the fans can watch other mangas and light novels in the meantime.

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What Record of Grancrest War all about?


Record of Grancrest War is a Japanese manga series that is written by Ryo Mizuno and has been illustrated by Makoto Yotsuba. The manga’s lead character is designed by Miyu. The manga ended with its 176-page seventh volume that has concluded on July 14.

The story of the series is set in a world that is full of Chaos. Chaos is a phenomenon that refers to natural disasters and involves monsters that are scattered around the world. The noble elite of the community has been put in charge to fend off Chaos’s threat and defeat the monsters. The series tells the story of a young mage Siluca Meletes and has a dream of bringing justice to the land.

There is a chaotic tragedy that strikes during a wedding and the Fantasia Union and the Factory Alliance team find out about the disaster as well. Siluca is in a bind and has no choice but to create a new future for the people of the world.

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