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Bulletproof Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast and All you need to know

Bulletproof is a British Television series that has been created by Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters. The film has been produced by Vertigo Films and Company and was first released in 2018. The series was streamed on Sky One and had a successful run. The second season of the British series was released in March 2020 and now the show is already preparing for a season 3. The season is most likely to get a release date sometime in fall 2020. The story of the show is based on two NCA agents who are on a hunt to track down the most wanted criminals.

There have been a lot of rumors circulating on the internet after the news of the third season broke out. We have gathered all the information regarding the plot, release date and the cast of the show. Read below to know about all the rumors and gossips about the upcoming season 3.

What is the plot of Bulletproof?

The story of Bulletproof revolves around two detectives who are on a hunt to find the most wanted criminals. They work for the national crime agency in London and are on a mission to track the evil activities of the criminals. Both the detectives are great friends and Ronnie who is one of the detectives comes from a family of high class where generations from his family have been serving the police for decades. The other detective is grown up in an orphanage and despite the difference in their backgrounds, they work at their level best to catch the criminals.

How many season the bulletproof is going to have?

The show has already released 2 seasons and the third season is already being shot in South Africa. The future of the show is not clear and we might be able to get more seasons if the story and fans demand it.

What can we expect from the season 3 of bulletproof?

If you have watched season 2 of Bulletproof only then you should read out the spoilers of bulletproof season 3 or else the suspense will be gone and you won’t enjoy it much. During season 2 we saw the two central characters Bishop and Ronnie who went undercover for a special mission. The international crime unit which is operating in London is deadly and they make plans to stop them. They have to find a girl who has been kidnapped by them and is supposed to be missing since some time. If we talk about season 3 the story will move forward to South Africa and the lead characters will be after a new deadly gang.

Who is the cast of bulletproof season 3?

The cast of bulletproof season 3 has not been officially announced yet but there have been news that the central characters will be making a comeback. We may see some new faces and the supporting cast members may be the same as well. Here is the expected cast list of the series.

  • Noel Clarke as Aaron Bishop.
  • Ashley Walters as Ronald Pike.
  • Lindsey Coulson as Sarah Tanner.
  • Jason Maza as Chris Munroe.
  • David Elliot as Tim Jones.
  • Lashana Lynch as Arjana Pike

When is the trailer of bulletproof season 3 releasing?

There is no official trailer for this season yet because but we hope we get to know the details soon. However, if you haven’t yet watched season 2 then catch up with all the episodes on Sky One and Now TV.

Release Date

The bulletproof season 3 will be releasing in 2021 but there is no official confirmation of the releasing date yet. We hope we get more news about the new season soon.

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