German authorities have uncovered in the past few years, each year about 400 suspected cases of marriages of convenience. The aim was to give a foreigner a visa or a residence permit for Germany.

As the Federal government in a response to an AfD request, announced, were 2018 registered by the Federal police 34 cases in which the suspicion of marriage of convenience “status for the purposes of the vibration leichens a residence permit” in the room. Often this is not noticeable but to the police, but in the job centre or immigration office.

The Police crime statistics show that in 2017, nationwide may have been 202 cases of marriages is known, by a foreigner wanted to have a residence permit or an establishment’s power to obtain. In 191 other cases, it turned out that someone had received on the basis of a sham marriage for a visa. 2016 408 cases had been uncovered. The crime statistics for 2018 has not yet been published. As is clear from the response of the Federal government, the Federal police together with the security authorities of other EU member States, Switzerland and Serbia are currently in the Operation “the Bride”. Goal the dismantling of organised crime gangs eller, the marriages of convenience.

The AfD in the Bundestag, Stefan Keuter asked after a call to “Mission Lifeline”. The rescue organization had not married written in January on Twitter: “you’re still? Maybe your in love you happen to be in a person who*has here no right of residence. Could happen, or? Remains open!” The Federal government did not want to comment on that. She stressed that non-governmental organizations made an important contribution to search and rescue. The government was also “against the blanket criminalization of the private search and rescue”.