The last Syrian IS-Bastion has fallen and the self-proclaimed Caliphate of the extremists were destroyed. Nevertheless, many voices warn that the terrorist militia Islamic state (IS) was not yet defeated. The most important questions and answers to the jihadists:

Drops with the defeat of the IS, the terrorist threat in the West?

the decay of The self-proclaimed Caliphate, weaken the extremists. You have lost the safe refuges of undisturbed acts of terrorism could plan. Important financial sources are lost. So you have controlled oil Wells in Syria, or could it raise your dominion control.

However, the Propaganda of the IS lives, the spread of its followers via the social media. For some time, the extremists rely on the individual offender, to log in to the Internet itself radically and then act. As long as the idea of the IS has not disappeared, it must be expected to the West with Terror. In addition, the is is in the meantime also in many other regions: in Egypt, in Afghanistan, in Nigeria, or East Africa.

From Northern Syria to France

children of the German IS-fighter Lemke to Europe brought, as it is for the Little ones?

Why, there is a danger that the IS revived?

Even if the extremists have lost their dominion, they remain more active. Hundreds, if not thousands of IS fighters are in the confusing desert of Syria and Iraq submerged areas. In many places sleeper cells have formed, the committing of the ambush attacks.

Large, the jihadists could be because of the unstable political situation offered the ideal conditions. In Iraq, they found sympathy among the Sunnis, the feel of the majority of the Shiites suppressed. In Syria created by the civil war Machtvakuen, the of the IS used. Both in Iraq and also in Syria, the situation remains so unstable that extremism finds a fertile ground.

Iraq’s Sunnis around complaining that the rebuilding of their badly damaged areas is progressing, among other things, because of rampant corruption. In Syria, a political solution which was to reconcile the country, and the many opponents of the government of Bashar al-could include Assad. Syria’s Opposition is convinced that terrorism can only be defeated if the commander assigns.

in Addition, is growing a Generation of children who have been indoctrinated over the years by the IS its violent ideology and much of schooling received. They are left to their fate, could be the terrorists of tomorrow.

Where is IS-chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi?

there is no secure knowledge, but a lot of rumors. Since his appearance in an Iraqi mosque in July 2014, the 47-Year-old is the face of the earth disappeared. His last audio message disseminated IS-trailer in August 2018. According to media the Iraqis to have fled have been up for some time in the last Syrian IS-Bastion Baghus, prior to the start of the attacks. Other times, he’ll hold in Iraq, the talk is of a escape within Syria.


Heimo Liendl from Austria

He travels on loved ones in time of war – conversation with a unusual leisure

With the from the US head money of $ 25 million to Al-Baghdadi remains one of the most wanted terrorists. On several occasions, it was reported that he had been injured in an attack or killed without but documents. Reports also mention again and again, Al-Baghdadi was sealed off with a few Familiar out of fear of persecution and suffer from Diabetes.

What happens with the Thousands of prisoners IS a trailer?

The questions after the victory over the IS one of the core. In the Camps of the Syrian Kurds, thousands of jihadists, including foreigners sit. Germany and other countries show little inclination to this back. One reason: It is unclear whether the jihadists can be provided in the home before a court and sentenced. Security professionals see them as a potential terrorist threat.

The Kurds themselves warn that they are overwhelmed followers, with the large number of IS-is because they lack the resources. The state structures in the North and East of Syria, where the Kurds have a self-government built, are weak. The Kurds have proposed, in Syria, a UN special court to be set up such tribunals in the current situation, it is unrealistic.

What is on the captured German jihadists known?

Very little. According to information of the “mirror” to hold the Syrian Kurds 59 extremists with German passports. 60 German children were usually kept together with their mothers, would add just the sheet writes. Against 20 German arrest warrants by the Federal court or of the countries ‘ judiciary are in place.

Only a few of them appeared in Public. The Kurdish YPG militia spread an image of the captured German Martin L. from Saxony-Anhalt, 2014 after Syria left the country. The ZDF magazine Frontal 21 he said that he had worked for the secret service of the IS but was not involved in the Fighting. One of his wives, a 19-Year-old German, said the channel of Kurdistan 24, you was naive, as you’ve joined the IS.

Syria’s Kurds have defeated the IS: How does the future look like?

Extremely insecure. The Kurdish YPG militia controlled a large area in the North and East of the country. It is in Syria’s most important ally in the international Anti-IS coalition. But President Obama wants to remove U.S. troops as quickly as possible. This could pave the way for the Turkey-free, which is threatening the Kurds with an Offensive. Ankara sees the YPG, the Syrian offshoot of the outlawed workers ‘ party PKK and fight them. In space, a “safety zone” between Turkey and Syria, which were mentioned by Trump in a Tweet, but this was not substantiated in further detail.

Increases the Chance of an end to the Syrian civil war?

Then it looks. Especially Syria’s government refuses to negotiate about a solution for more than five years of continuous conflict, as you mentioned, thanks to the military help from Russia and Iran in a strong Position. The Kurds threatens you with violence, they should not give up their territory.

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