in view of the planned indictment of Israel head of government Benjamin Netanyahu, the Opposition has demanded his resignation. Ex-chief of General staff Benny Gantz, who is competing in the parliamentary election in April at the top of the centre Alliance against Netanyahu, called on the Prime Minister on Thursday, to show “national responsibility” and resign his post.

the head of The labor party, Avi Gabbay, called on Netanyahu to stop the “shame of the Nation”. “Carry the fight to the residence of the heads of government.”

Benjamin Netanyahu speaks of the “witch-hunt”

Earlier, Israel’s attorney General Avischai Mandelblit had confirmed that he wants to accuse Netanyahu for corruption. He is aiming for a proceedings against Netanyahu, among others, for bribery and fraud. Prior to the indictment the head of the government in a survey should be given the opportunity to comment on the accusations.

Netanyahu device a few weeks before the parliamentary elections on 9. April under massive pressure. The head of the government said in a first reaction of a “witch-hunt” against him. Netanyahu is the first head of government in office against the will complained. He himself had urged in 2008 as the leader of the opposition, the then head of government, Ehud Olmert, to resign under suspicion of corruption.