the climate and the environment are not only the issues of the future but also the present – showing, for example, the current election results and broad social discussions. In addition to the policy, this complex is therefore expected to be in the area of law of relevance. In Hamburg, however, law students are to be in the future, apparently, is not more obligatory in the environmental law is formed.

it is reported As the “Hamburger Abendblatt”, wants to be Senator of justice Till Steffen (Green) underline the environmental law Lectures from the list of compulsory courses. This can go from a design that was the “evening Gazette”. At the universities the decision is taken up with criticism.

professors do not fight back against the plans of the justice Senator

“The climate and environmental issues are politically highly topical. Every major infrastructure project depends on much of it, that it is legally permissible,” said environmental law Professor Ivo Appel of the University of Hamburg, the “evening Gazette”. In a Letter to the Senator, he and other experts describe the intended Change as a “fatal Signal”.

so Far, the environmental law belongs to the mandatory program for law students in Hamburg. In the exam the state exam, there may be tasks. The plans of the justice Senator, according to the environmental would need to make right now only an optional complex of themes in the study, could select the students themselves – but not necessarily prove.

While the professors point out, especially to people in the future will have political and social responsibility to raise awareness of issues of environmental and climate protection, don’t want to set the Hamburg judicial authority on a decision. They wanted to first wait for the feedback from the universities, said a spokesman for the “evening Gazette”.

source: “Hamburger Abendblatt”