The Republic of Austria is to pay to a judgment of the land court of Ried im Innkreis, around 1.5 million Euro to the former owner of Hitler’s birth house. The counsel for the applicant reported on Wednesday. A second opinion have estimated the value of the site in Braunau am Inn are significantly higher than the first.

so Far, the state of the expropriated owner had paid 310.000 Euro for the two-storey dwelling-house office garages and numerous Parking spaces. “She’s relieved about the appropriate compensation,” said lawyer Gerhard Lebitsch about his 68-year-old client. But he expected that the case had not been completed, but through all the instances.

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presented by reuters Austrian neo-Nazi pilgrimage site to prevent

The Austrian financial Procurator’s office will examine the ruling, according to its President, Wolfgang Peschorn now. It is to ask whether the new Compensation level was appropriate. After that, will decide whether the judgment will be challenged.

With the expropriation of the state wanted to prevent the birth house of the later dictator could be a place of pilgrimage for neo-Nazis. Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) spent his first months of life in an apartment of the house.

the main user of the building was the site for decades, the help in life with a Disability. In the dispute over the necessary renovations, the organization moved out. Since 2011, the building stands empty in the 16,000 inhabitants of the city directly on the border to Germany. In January 2017, the Alpine Republic has been through expropriation, the new owner of the property.

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