The Berlin Christmas market-assassin Anis Amri to originally planned a bomb attack, and with two Islamists from France and Russia have worked together.

according to a Letter from the office of the attorney General. Therein is detained according to information from the German press Agency that the Tunisian state because of a possible bomb attack by French Islamists, Clément B., in contact. Both wrong according to the information from security circles in the Berlin Fussilet mosque. About the letter of the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”, the “time” first reported it.

In the planning for the bombing, a Chechen should be involved. That the Plan was not implemented, has sought to do, according to media reports, the police did at the end of October 2016 – about two and a half months before Amris – the “offenders” classified Magomet C. in his apartment. Then, the paths of the conspirators, who now had fear of discovery separated.

The Federal justice Department confirmed the existence of the letter. The Ministry led him to the investigation Committee of the Bundestag, examines the events surrounding the terrorist attack, a spokesman said. “Time Online” is quoting from it: “According to the current investigation, there was in the late summer of 2016, and plans of B., and Amri to carry out a bomb attack in Germany.” Clément B., who is now imprisoned in France, to come according to the report, most of the findings to the plans.

In the summer, had taken investigators in Berlin, Magomet C., the Chechen Islamists with Russian citizenship. He should have stored up in 2016 in his apartment in Berlin, a considerable amount of the dangerous explosive substance TATP. It was already known that he should have prepared with Clément B. a heavy state-threatening act of violence in Germany. B., and Amri knew each other, is known. It was unclear, however, whether Amri was involved in the explosives plans and whether Clément B. had to do with Amris stop in Berlin.

Amri was killed two years ago, in mid-December 2016, twelve people, when he had stolen a truck and the Christmas market at the Gedächtniskirche controlled. On the run, he was shot and killed later in Italy by the police. The FDP, greens and the Left already have serious doubts as to the representatives of the authorities expressed Thesis, Amri was a single offender.

The three groups now sue jointly before the Federal constitutional court in order to force the questioning of a secret service employee in the investigation Committee of the Bundestag. Left, greens and FDP are of the opinion that you are not able to enlighten possible authorities error from the time before Amris assassination, to hear without this V-man leader as a witness. He had held in 2016, the contact to a source of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution in the Fussilet mosque.

The Federal government had provided the members so far, only a few sentences of terse Reports of the Meeting between the officials and his informant, said the Left-Chairwoman Martina Renner on Thursday in Berlin. The Committee was contrary to the government, he waives a hearing of the informant from the radical Islamist scene.

The FDP Chairman Benjamin Strasser said the Federal government had reasons for its Denial, “that a hearing would endanger the life and limbs of this Person”. This is “legally flimsy,” since he could be heard, for example, behind a shadow wall. The Greens-Chairwoman Irene Mihalic said, in the context of the question according to the media approximately eight sources from different security authorities in the use of reports.

On Thursday, the deputies of the respondents in non-public session, a Moroccan about to be deported. He had in Dortmund at times with no problem, used to live together, and sits at the moment because of dangerous bodily harm in prison. An Algerian man who had rented the apartment at the time, had already been in the summer of 2017 deported.

The members of the Committee of inquiry, is angry that Bilal B. A., a friend of Amris, who had shortly before the stop contact with him, was deported in February of 2017, after Tunisia, before him were able to hear the deputies.