Mrs Kramp-Karrenbauer, your poll numbers have plummeted in the past few weeks. They were one of the most popular personalities in German politics, now you are more likely to be the midfield. What have you done wrong?

polls will fluctuate, it may not. But correctly is: After my election to Chairman of many wishes and ideas have been projected onto me. In the past few weeks, I’ve gone stronger in political Controversy. The forces, people, Position, and to refer me to. I last mentioned points, which I don’t know that they are particularly popular. For example, defence expenditure and armaments cooperation with European partners. But I am convinced deeply that this has something to do with Germany’s reputation in the world, and in regard to Nato, also with loyalty to the Alliance, and thus also with our foreign political reliability. Of course, I think to myself, if I was doing something on the topic, even if it may cost favor points. But in the end, the Conviction to win.

In the RTL Interview

AKK welcomes climate demos and is called “terms and conditions” for participation in the teaching time

By Daniel Wüstenberg

you are considered a possible Chancellor, and are accordingly the focus of the Public.

you are now in weeks or days, distance is measured in the range of millimeters up and down, I have to get used to me actually. You must not let it drive you crazy.

Is the risk?

of Course, I stand as a Minister President of the Saarland in the focus of the Public. There is also very, very many appointments, but regionally limited. This is different now, because I’m in Germany on the go – very exciting. And the attention is quite a different, to every word, every gesture, what to wear, how you look. One is under permanent observation. Since you pay the training money.

you mean their appearance in the carnival?

it was a point.

Repent, what you have said there, in the fool’s court in Stockach on lake Constance? You have made about the “latte macchiato-group” funny, “the toilets for the third gender to introduce the” wanted “men, who still don’t know whether you are still allowed to pee, or sit”.

The fool’s court is a special event, a very crude Form of carnival. I was accused of, among other things, because of the “castration of the CDU”. Accordingly, then, was speech in my defense. In this respect, it is necessary to understand all of it out of this Situation. The ratio of men and women, to Softies, Machos versus women’s libbers, and not in a vulnerable group. In the evening, 1500 people in the hall, many journalists were, and all of them have understood this because in the context, is quite right. But as you can see just how easy it is today, from a word, a hanging half-sentence, a sentence to pull out and to create indignation waves. This is now become a style of political debate.


Alone between the tall men: Kramp-Karrenbauer and her rivals in the CDU Chairman Friedrich Merz (l.) and Jens Spahn. You considered exactly how you can stand out on such occasions.


Where is your anger?

Either when Running or at the weekend when out for a walk with the dog. And, Yes, even in the processing. It concerns me if I have made a mistake. As I welcomed, for example, the CDU-Workshop on Migration, the present as the “social Democrats”, has me busy for a few days because I was so annoyed with myself. But at some point, the point at which I say, “Okay, stop now.”

And so the theme is done?

Yes, then it’s done. There are, of course, also criticism, one feels very unjustified, where one first thinks: “I don’t care”, but then you realize that it has a but. Since I can’t leave the movie in your head. I really believe, this “mind movie” is the biggest challenge is that things are much worse, as it is seen from the outside. If I am speaking in hindsight, with others, can not understand, why to me has taken a lot of thought.

Who is allowed to criticize?

Immediate feedback from my family. This used to be the specialty of my mother, who unfortunately died in 2016. She was always the degree the knife and immediately called if there’s a weird headline was, or so: “So, what’s this again?” or “How are you doing?” or “What are you wearing today?”. Meanwhile, a lot comes from my family, from my children. Or from my husband. The volunteer is very dedicated and tells me: “I was there today and there, and I want to ask you, why are you doing the so-and-so.”

Brings you Think?

Yes, of course. I have made as Prime Minister, many citizens formats, regular office hours, where people could privately talk to me. And because many difficult were the fates. This brings a lot to Think about, Yes.

And your employees? How do you run?

I’m someone who leads a very co-operative. I develop my positions in confrontation with each other. Clearly, I also get written notes, I need to read Yes. But I deal with the issues, by other talk about it. With staff in the house, with my Team, or experts from the outside. In this Consider, in this time, due to the cross-and-cross-Think for me, what feels right, and what is difficult.

This requires a lot of time and talk, talk, talk.

I believe that this has the additional advantage that you can of those with whom one makes such a process to take on the way to a decision. But – and I’ve also learned in my previous activities: It is the point where you have to lead. Where you have to say in all of this, what we have considered now, back and forth, I am of the opinion that this is the way. And then I have to be ready to fight for this way even in his own party and in confrontation with each other.


Open Feedback comes from the husband, Helmut

©Action Prdining

What are you fighting for exactly?

my mind the question of how we ensure freedom and cohesion in an open society. With a high tolerance for all forms of life. How looks the space in which we come together? What connects us, even when we experience that people are always different?

Where are you monitoring?

For example, between young people, their everyday life is strongly influenced by the digitization, and the older generations who may have experienced the war. Or between people with a migration background who have come from war zones to us, and terrible experiences to process, and others who had in Germany so far, a relatively carefree life. Or the classic “Westerner” and people, for the German division, and then led to the reunification of fractures in the biography and the suffering that their life performance is not properly recognised. What holds us together and how we go to each other? This is, I think, socially and politically the most important, but also the most difficult question we have to answer. And therefore, we are going to talk in the CDU, for example, even a General compulsory service. I do not mean the old conscription, but there are many who say that there must be something that we put a sign that it is worth for this company, as different as we are, even in the sense of a common service, and to show that she is worth something to us and that we keep them together.

But the issue of conscription was off the table?

What I mean goes beyond that. We have to deal with as the CDU with this topic very intensively and are working on a model. Two questions drive me: What can you do in the voluntary sector is better than in the past? And how a duty might look like? From my point of view of the men’s and women ought to apply and also for people who are not German nationals, but a consolidated right to stay. We will discuss everything soon, with the party in a further workshop discussion.

So the conscription by the back door?

no. But perhaps, the German army can do also offers.

In under eight weeks is selected, a new EU Parliament, the talk is of a “fate choice”, because of the massive enemies, and enemies of Europe to compete very loudly. How is the cut?

It comes down to us: If we engage in an election campaign, as the populists would like, we run the game. All the polls say a clear majority of The people want Europe.

And you want to tell the “good” story about Europe?

of Course, we have to deal within the political middle on many questions: what is this Europe? How uniform it is? What are we doing in the area of common defense? How do we receive the internal market and strengthen the competitiveness in the system of competition with Asia or the United States? You can be quite for Europe and say that we need much less national government and more state. But just as entitled to it is to say, we continue to need nation-States. This is the line of the CDU and the CSU.


Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, with Angela Merkel after the election, the CDU Boss in December, 2018

©Sven Darmer/Davids

Emmanuel Macron dreams of the United States of Europe.

I have never voted with Helmut Schmidt, who has said: “Whoever has visions should go to the doctor.” But only the Vision in the room is not enough. You also have to tell you how the path looks like. I have provided this idea with realistic prospects in order for people to be confidence that this is achievable. And European policy alive, it is nationally accepted. And that’s why we need the nation-States. Perhaps this is a different approach than that of Emmanuel Macron. But in the end, what will this Europe, we are quite a view.


My Vision is the image of a Europe that holds it together on the big issues, and takes a strong role in this world, in the globalization, the more the rules of the game have a say. So not. But says: We, as Europe, have our own values and principles. And the value that you place in the world and that we will fight for you.

This sounds very conservative.

you can Find? Policy for a strong Europe has to do, in my view, first of all: nothing with a conservative. But you’re right: It’s mostly conservative politicians that have brought Europe forward.

What this means for you: conservative?

to make It means, generally against change and progress. But it also means, getting a piece of critical look and to think carefully about whether a Hype and new promises of Salvation are worth it, to throw proven. Just in this very dynamic time of digitization.

do you Experience this dynamic in Berlin, more than in her home town of Püttlingen?

It is located in Püttlingen not better or worse, but different. Especially if you work far away from home, you appreciate, what makes the “analog” also – as nice as it is to move to digital and to chat with friends.

“Union center”

Liberal AKK-supporters advise on the course of the CDU


the importance of Püttlingen is for you?

Very important. This is where my family lives, where my home is. We have a very strong cohesion. And in this respect we are in close contact, and I try on the weekends to be there. If I’m there, I’m a normal woman. I’m talking with the neighbors. I’m going shopping. I cook. We have our little supermarket, where we go, always, and since you know a lot of people. Many who know me, despise me, and then you can exchange.

And then calls on the cooling shelf of the Chancellor.

Oh, the contact with Angela Merkel’s totally undramatic. There are fixed dates that Morning. And otherwise, it goes via short phone calls, or via SMS.

How has their relationship to Angela Merkel changed in the past few months? Have become Friends competitors?

The concept of a girlfriend is always been for me a very private. But we are sure we have a trusting relationship and a well-functioning division of labor.

get the Chancellor’s Council?

in exchange: How your Situation was back then and how it is today, and that is comparable? To me that always helps to clarify my own thoughts. I think Angela Merkel has made as a woman in the top policy-specific experience, such as with the legendary Andean Pact …

… the unofficial men Federal in the CDU, who opposes Angela Merkel …

This is something that I have not met in the Form.

this Is still an issue: a woman at the top?

For me personally, no. However, I have made this experience quite well. For example, I was the first woman as the Minister of the interior. But there are always situations with which they must deal. For example, in the case of the regional conferences in the run-up to the election to the party presidency: If you compete with two over 1.90 meters large men, consider holding three times as high, the Shoe must be? I can put me, I remain standing? What should I wear? I need a colorful color, so you can see me between the two at all?

The CDU is still more of a men’s party.

of Course, we have in our membership, and also in the case of the officials, Offices, and mandates a clear Excess of men. The should and not must so remain. The times, in which women have as voters said: “I’m sure the men in the party represented my interests are beautiful”, which are over, thank God. But I say to the women: you have to engage yourself.

And that’s why you want to be the next Chancellor. This is your dream job?

I do everything, after German Chancellor Angela Merkel the next German Chancellor comes back from the CDU. And for that, I wear as party Chairman responsibility.

And when do you start?

As a party we are working on it. When it comes to me, is what makes this government what they have been elected. You ruled. It has taken a long time to the government, and we have a high responsibility, not only for us but also in Europe. No one knows how the European elections will turn out and how to act, Europe will be. And that’s why there are no times in which it is said just: “Change the time”, just because you may feel as a party in a constellation.

And as long as you wait here in the Konrad-Adenauer-house. You can find in between leisure time?

We work in the Adenauer-house and not put the hands in the lap. Small escapes from everyday life. To read, for example, in the evening for relaxation. This is my Ritual, like to book. I also like to hear in between music. And sports, for example Yoga.

Here in the office?

If the door is really, I find quite relaxing.

What music do you listen to?

I listen to the music of AC/DC. But it is also different, it depends on the mood. But in preparation for political discussions: Heavy Metal is quite good.

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