Against a number of Frankfurt police officials run an investigation, because they want to have a Ceremony in addition, in a daze. Against six officials-disciplinary measures had been legal action will be taken, said a spokeswoman for the police Presidium Frankfurt am Main on Tuesday. Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported that at the end of January would have celebrated two state security investigators to her parting with colleagues from other departments. Six drunken servants should be according to the report, to address an observed risk of the founder – and two police officers at the door urinating.

Frankfurt police, once again in the headlines

You only go once, that there had been the incident, said the spokeswoman. It will, however, examine what happened in Detail.

The Frankfurt police was already advised several times in recent months in the headlines: the Prosecutor’s office determined, among other things, against a number of officials to be right extremist exchanged tables content via a chat group. (Read here in the star.)

sources: “image” (paid content), news Agency DPA