In the US nursing home Hacienda HealthCare in Phoenix has brought to the end of December, the patient is a child. A crime is the only coherent explanation for the birth. Because the woman is already for at least ten years in a coma and may have agreed to a sexual act, accordingly, impossible. The police and under investigation for rape.

come To the perpetrator on the track, all male employees of the nursing facility to a paternity test, reports the BBC. The one who is the father of the baby, must have been to the woman’s past, the logic behind it. As the police spokesman for Phoenix during a press conference, announced on Wednesday, it is yet not clear, however, whether anyone had refused the submission of a DNA sample, reports US media.

pregnancy, at birth

mind you, According to the “Washington Post” to the patient for ten years in a coma, other media outlets reported from 14 years of age. She was drowned in an accident almost and I haven’t gained then the consciousness.

rape case

suspect: “I have not raped, because she weighs 300 pounds,”

In the case of Hacienda HealthCare will be cared for, particularly patients with severe brain injuries, which are not or only to a very limited extent be able to Express themselves independently. It remains unclear why the pregnancy was not noted in the device. It was only when the birth mother went into labor, got to know of it, informed the nursing home. A member of the nursing staff have on 29. December, birth assistance, the woman brought a boy to the world. Currently mother and child are recovering in a local hospital.

relatives want the child to raise

of The Indian tribe of the San Carlos Apache, said, meanwhile, that woman was one of your family members. “I am deeply shocked and appalled by the treatment of one of our members,” said Terry Rambler, Chairman of the tribe, according to the BBC.

the lawyer for the family of the patient reported. “The family is outraged, traumatized and shocked by the abuse and neglect of their daughter at Hacienda HealthCare,” he said. The relatives of the woman said that they are willing to raise the baby.