in the Midst of that part of the state of the government’s business to point to a standstill in the US Congress comes together for the first time in a new constellation. The opposition Democrats take over on Thursday (18.00 PM CET) the control of the house of representatives, in the Senate the Republicans of the US President, Donald Trump will have more in the majority. In the congressional elections in early November, all 435 seats in the house of representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate had been granted. Both chambers this Thursday for the first time in a new occupation.

For nearly two weeks, the government shops are lame. Shortly before Christmas, a budget was entered into lock for several Federal ministries in power, because of a lack budget act for these areas. Trump had refused to pass a law to sign, if not of about five billion dollars for the long-required wall on the Mexico border would be provided. The Democrats reject trump’s request. Because of the “Shutdowns” are fucking hundreds of thousands of government servants on forced holiday or need to for the time being, working without a salary.

No salary for government employees

“Christmas is ruined”: this means that Sufferers suffering from the Shutdown of the U.S. government

the dispute over the funding of the Donald Trump required the wall to Mexico, the government placed stores in the U.S., partially lame. On Twitter, Concerned of the serious consequences of the signs.

By Marc Drewello

In the dispute over the “Shutdown” brought on Wednesday a Meeting of Trump with tips of the oppositional Democrats and Republicans, no breakthrough. The incoming democratic Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced after the conversation, at the inaugural meeting of the chamber this Thursday a draft budget law to submit. The White house has the template, but as a “non-starter” and dismissed because it does not provide the necessary funds for a border security to be provided.

rings around the wall to Mexico

Trump had stressed before the Meeting that he will continue to call for 5.6 billion dollars for the construction of a portion of a wall on the border to Mexico. The leader of Trumps Republicans in the house of representatives, Kevin McCarthy, said after the Meeting on Wednesday, Trump had asked for this Friday to have another conversation with top representatives of both parties at the White house.

According to the top Trump called both parties for a budget law to cooperate meeting on Wednesday, “to protect this Nation and her people”. He was willing, with the Democrats, wrote Trump on Twitter.

The Democrats propose a budget law that would ensure the financing of almost all of the “Shutdown” of the ministries concerned until at the end of September. The Department of homeland security in its area of responsibility falls to the border security – would be only up to 8. February financed. Pelosi pointed out that this is a good month to stay time, the dispute over the wall to dispel.

Donald Trump: “Europe doesn’t matter to me”

With its new dominance in the house of representatives can make the Democrats Trump on other issues. They can launch an investigation against him or bill block. Pelosi wants to be at the kick-off meeting to the Chairman of the chamber choose.

In foreign policy, the signs are, meanwhile, to confrontation: The U.S. President sees its policy due to the unpopularity in large Parts of Europe, confirmed.

“If I were in Europe popular, I would not do my job,” said Trump on Wednesday on the sidelines of a Cabinet meeting in front of journalists at the White house. “Europe doesn’t matter to me. I’m not elected by Europeans, but by Americans.” The Republican US President stressed again that European States such as Germany to invest in its view, sufficient in their defense, and instead, the US take advantage of.

The former Republican presidential candidate and future Senator Mitt Romney had expressed on Wednesday in a guest article in the “Washington Post” criticism of, among other things, to trump foreign policy. Romney had referred to Trumps are often poor popularity ratings in Europe.

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