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You Season 2 Release Date On Netflix, News, Cast And Review

Fans of Penn Badgley loved the season 1 of you and binge-watched all the 10 episodes. Now when the news about the arrival of season 2 is coming out the fans cannot wait anymore. The story of season 1 revolved around a bookstore manager who had a dark side within him. The psychological thriller had depth in its story and was praised because of the uniqueness. Let’s get to know more about season 2.

Some first images on Netflix

A week ago, the producer of the series released some fantastic images of the series and fans are going crazy over it. If you have not checked them out yet do so quickly. The images show Joe who is now an obsessive lover, changed his profession and location from New York to Los Angeles. Hold your breath viewers Candace who was assumed to be dead in the season one is there in the images of season two. This is surely a shocking revelation as many thought she was killed by Joe.

The story will revolve around Los Angeles

Season one of you showed the exotic locations of New York to all the fans. The dwellers of New York may not have been very excited but the international fans surely were. This time the story will focus on the life of Joe who has now settled in Los Angeles. Get ready to see the exciting locations and also guess what Joe will be exactly doing there. He is not a murder suspect anymore. Maybe he has set his eyes on his love this time? So many exciting things to know.

Who is Joe’s Latest Obsession?

Joe’s new lady love and obsession is a young woman named Love Quinn. They have a lot in common and he cannot wait to be with her. The character of Love Quinn is very interesting. She is a self-made girl who likes to enjoy life to the fullest. The sparks of romance will fly around them and we are in for a great ride. Maybe this time the focus should also be on love rather than just murders and other surrounding mysteries.

What do you say, everyone? It’s interesting to see that Joe can finally turn into a good man after meeting his lady love. Can we expect that? Maybe yes. We cannot wait for the couple to start with friendship and slowly fall in love. Though Joe is heartbroken this new love can heal his soul like never before. But if this is not enough Joe will be under new potential threats and his life is never going to be easy in LA. He may come across his old flame. Maybe we can expect some spicy love triangle too.

Candace is alive?

You must be aware that Candace dumped Joe to move on with her music career and many thought she was killed by Joe in the first season. But the latest twist is that she is alive and well. How will she encounter Joe? Will old love be rekindled? Get to know all when season three comes out.

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Cast and their performance

The cast of you series is very talented and they gave out amazing performances in season 1, we are hoping the same in season 2 as well. They will once again shine in their respective roles and treat the audience. Penn Badgley, Victoria Pedretti, James Scully and Jenna Ortega are once again part of this new season.

Release date

Your favourite series is coming out on Netflix on 26th December 2019. So mark your calendars and don’t forget to catch it as soon as it arrives.

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