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The Little Things, Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast & More Details

Warner Bros is creating another wonderful movie for all the audiences. It seems that all the preparations are going in full swing and even the cast has been finalized too. The film will release on both HBO max and theaters too. Looking at the trailer and buzz about the storyline it will make it big at the box office. We have gathered all the important information about the little things so let’s get started.

What is the plot of the little things?

little things 3

The plot of little things revolves around a murder mystery. There will be a lot of twists and turns that the audience will witness and will keep you all at the edge of your seats. The police officers are trying to track down a serial killer. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet you are missing out a lot. It will tease you with all the twists that keep you wondering and wanting for more. Nowadays intense and fast-paced stories are popular among people as they don’t like to watch slow or repetitive ones. When the police force is tracking the killer it creates a feeling of tension.

Is there a trailer of the little things?


The makers of the movie have recently released a trailer to surprise the audience. When you watch it there is an intrigue and horror level attached to it. The story about serial killers has never been the same before. The police team is trying their best and working hard to track the killer. You will be wondering who the killer is as there is a suspicion of many different characters. The makers have revealed the following in a current statement: as they track the killer, Baxter is unaware that the investigation is dredging up echoes of Deacon’s past, uncovering disturbing secrets that could threaten more than his case’’.

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Who is in the cast of the little things?

Nowadays every day we get a new report about the confirmation of the cast. If the cast isn’t good enough no one will be interested to watch the film. The cast of the film is huge and it will give a margin of good performance to everyone. They have given a noteworthy performance. Here is the cast list mentioned below:

Denzel Washington
Rami Malek
• Jared Leto
• Sofia Vassilieva
• Natalie Morales
• Natalie Morales
• Terry Kinney
• Chris Bauer
• Joris Jarsky
• Isabel Arraiza
• Michael Hyatt
• John Lee Hancock

When will the little things release on HBO max?

The little things is an anticipated movie and all the viewers are excited to watch it. The film will release in both cinemas and HBO Max. The screenplay and story have been superb. You should also join the hunt to look for the serial killer and give the victims a chance to survive. The film is due to release on January 29th, 2021. The New Year is approaching and there is a lot to catch up on your TV screens and cinema. You should mark your calendars and watch your favorite shows or films when they come out.

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