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Top 7 Educational And Fun Online Games Perfect For Your Kid

While kids all over the globe continue to spend greater time glued to the screen of a phone or tablet, parents continue to grow apprehensive of the skills and knowledge that their kids gain.

Kids enjoy using digital devices to get their dose of entertainment. But it is up to parents to choose some educational and fun games for them.

The key here is to select games or applications which help in engaging kids on an interactive platform. If educators and child experts are to be believed, you can definitely help in the overall development of your child through online games.

Online Games Perfect For Your Kid
Online Games Perfect For Your Kid

Here are some of the best educational and fun online games which your kid will like to use. These games are an interesting way to keep your kid occupied and happy and stimulate their mind and instincts.

The Best Educational and Fun Online Games for Your Little One

Animal Jam

Animal jam is a quirky game which is designed around an online virtual reality world. This is for kids between the ages of 6 and 12 and is available to play on multiple platforms including Android and desktop. It was built in collaboration with the National Geographical Society.

Thus, it is no surprise why the game never fails to deliver a handful of zoology and ecology lessons to kids while they play. With over 160 million active users, this game is among the most popular entertaining plus learning games for your kid. Plus, it has a parental lock built in it, which lets you lock the game if needed.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

If you want to get this fun and quirky game for your kid, you can find it on Nintendo Switch through Amazon. As long as your kid is five and above, they are going to love playing this visually pleasing game.

The stunning features which make this game a charm to play include well thought graphical options and a stimulating game design. So what that does to entice any kid playing it, is to put them into a special thinking mode. To solve the unique puzzles in this game, kids are needed to pilot the game’s special character – Toad.

The journey will take them through a series of challenges and puzzles, while they also embark upon the journey to collect treasures. Collectively, this game is a complete and engaging stimulus for your child.


Do you want to help your kid learn the right tactics of gameplay? Giving them a chance to play ludo game will be the right choice of stimulating games for them.

It involves a simple gaming design but uses decision-making skills and game tactics to score a win. So, even when your kid is playing this classic ludo game online, you can be sure that they are learning something new and helpful.

Tinybop Games

The reason why you need to let your kid try Tinybop games is that they really have a bunch of interactive products which your kids are going to enjoy.

And it is not only the fun element of the games which proposes to keep them happy! The complete lock of entertainment keeping these games a favourite among everyone is a good one.

These science apps are more than perfect for a kid who is above 4. Further, they are good to play on any platform including iOS, Android and desktop. So, if you want a fun way to help your kid learn some cool science stuff, this is the game to let them enjoy.

Endless Alphabet

Could there be something better than animated characters to teach your kids all about the alphabet and science as well? Well, this game brings the best for you.

It uses a blend of graphical attraction and puzzles to get around the complexities of sentences. There are many tactics in this game which significantly improve your child’s vocabulary.

You can let your kid play these games on a computer or an Android-enabled phone as well, as long as they are above three years of age.


If you are looking for educational games for your kid which are just as much fun as they are informative, then this is a resourceful option for kids of all age groups. It is a collection of free games with varying levels of difficulty.

Thus, they offer to suffice their need to play something engaging. An interesting feature is its assessment of the intellectual potential of the child at the time of starting the game.

This helps you pick the right game for your little one and let them play something of interest in their skills and mind alike. From mathematics to visual intelligence, there is an extreme attention to employing your child’s focus and motor skills while they play these games.

Thinkrolls 2

Best for kids between the age of 3 and 8, this game is compatible with iOS and Android platforms. This is a game based on Physics and keeps your kid engaged with interesting puzzle game features. Kids can learn about the dynamics of acceleration, gravity and buoyancy.

Usually, these are concepts which they may not learn up to a higher grade. But watching them happen live might draw their interest towards the field itself.

In fact, it is possible to demonstrate these real-life events through the game quite easily. The good thing is that you can even let your child play the game without an active internet connection.

In Conclusion

While there are a plethora of fun games for kids to enjoy, these games indeed offer an opportunity to learn new things with every day of playing them.

The reason why many of the games listed here have ended up being on this list is that they are entertaining as well as stimulating to the mind of a child.

These games are an excellent way to help them learn many things. Usually, a theoretical approach may fail to attract them to teach the same things. So, try out some of these games for your little one and let them explore some useful learnings.

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