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The Best Gifting Tips and Ideas For Canadians

When choosing a gift for a Canadian, you’ll want to consider a gift that reflects their personality. Gifts like subscription boxes, memberships, and books are always appreciated, but there are also unique options like soapstone carvings or memberships in Canadian sporting teams.

When it comes to giving gifts, Canadians know how to do it right. Whether you are looking for something unique and thoughtful or something simple and classic, there are plenty of options to choose from in our hockey-obsessed country. Some of the best ideas include classic Canadian apparel such as hats, mittens, and scarves.

1. Memberships

Whether the recipient is a wine lover or a foodie, there are some great membership gift ideas available across Canada. You can purchase a gift membership for an art or music gallery, or give a membership to a popular food truck in Vancouver. A subscription to a local winery is a thoughtful gift idea that will impress your recipient, and will also support a local business.

membership gift ideas
membership gift ideas
  1. Canadian gift baskets

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just looking for an extra special gift, Canadian gift baskets can make the perfect choice. These unique and thoughtfully curated gifts are ideal for everything from birthdays and holidays to weddings and housewarmings.

They feature a wide selection of delicious treats, including gourmet snacks, artisan chocolates, fresh fruit, decadent cakes and more. Additionally, many Canadian gift baskets come with wonderful extras like books, stationery sets, wine pairs, spa products, and personalized touches that add an extra element of meaning and customizability. So why wait? Indulge in something truly special with a Canadian gift basket today!

3. Books

If you’re looking for gift ideas for Canadians, consider a book about the history of First Nations. These are great for the history buff in your life, or for those who are planning to move to Canada and want to learn the history of the country. A book about Canada is also a wonderful choice for the child in your life.

These books are fun, educational, and will never go out of style. Another good idea for Canadian gifting ideas is a puzzle book. You can get one featuring their favorite Canadian landmark or a busy mosaic of all things Canada. Puzzle books will keep both kids and adults occupied.

You can also get books from local authors. Canadian authors write hundreds of books for every interest. You can also buy a mystery bag of books from the bookstores. The Ottawa-based Pressland General offers an extensive selection of children’s books. They even have a unique gift idea for your friends and family.

4. Soapstone carvings

If you want to give a Canadian gift that will always be appreciated, consider soapstone carvings. Canadian soapstone artists are highly-skilled craftsmen and can create beautiful and unique pieces. One such artist is Isaac Sala. This carving expert has worked with the Long Ago & Far Away archives, the Inuit Gallery, and the Dennos Museum Center.

Soapstone carvings are part of Canadian Indigenous culture and have been used for thousands of years. Soapstone carvings can be incredibly intricate or very simple.

These carvings are made with layered layers and are extremely durable. In addition to being beautiful, they can be meaningful as symbols of human connection. While it may be difficult to locate a piece in Canada, the beauty of the carving will make it well worth the trouble.

5. Maps of Canada

If you’re looking for unique Canadian gift ideas, maps of Canada are a wonderful option. A framed map of the country’s most popular destinations can be a great gift for someone you know. There are many other great Canadian gift ideas, such as an illustrated print or personalized Canada map. Customized Canada maps are a great way to show a person how much you love Canada. Other gift ideas include a waffle maker in the shape of a maple leaf, a favorite food of many Canadians.

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