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How to Watch Joel Osteen’s Easter Service with Kanye West Live

Joel Osteen is coming up with an Easter Service and will host a special program on April 12th. He is following strict instructions of social distancing so the program will telecast virtually. He will have some of the most important guests who are going to help him make the show even more interesting. Many fans of Kanye West will be happy to know that he is going to be a part of this Easter special. The name of the show is Hope is Alive and two other important guests will be Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry.


As you all would be aware that this is the second time the talented singer and rapper is going to join Osteen. He was a part of his special shows last year in November as well. Apart from that many other American artists are doing concerts to gather funds because of coronavirus.

Joel Osteen Easter service will feature Mariah Carey and Tyler Perry

Mariah Carey will perform one of her hit singles Hero and this will be dedicated to all the people who have been fighting hard to get rid of this coronavirus issue. Tyler Perry has written an inspirational speech that will give out positivity and encouragement to people who are facing this crisis all over the globe. Kanye will be bringing something different than the usual as he will be singing a choir to celebrate Easter with a lot of enthusiasm.

It will depend on what you are excited for. Are you planning to watch Sunday Special as you are free at home or are you excited to see your favorite stars. Whatever the reason here’s how you can watch Joel Osteen’s Easter service.

Mariah Carey previewed her special song Hero for the fans

There was news that Mariah Carey will perform her hit single hero and she confirmed it for fans as well. She shared a video from her house where she is seen recording the song. Mariah has been actively donating for the sake of Coronavirus patients. According to some speculations the entry of Kanye West is still not final but let’s hopes he does so. He had to bring out a huge group for the special choir but due to social distancing he may not be able to make it.

When is ‘hope is alive’ Easter service going to telecast?

Joel Osteen’s Easter service is a star studded show which will telecast on 12th April. He will host the program live straight from the Lake wood Church in Texas. He is worried about the safety of the guests and that’s why he wants everyone to stay at home but join him virtually.

How to watch ‘’hope is alive’’ Easter service?

Good news is that you can stream the Easter service live on various platforms quite easily. He will be hosting it live for all the fans out there on Facebook, Youtube and Sirius radio. You can also stream it on the Roku channel or Apple TV. The best thing is that these platforms will provide the users a great quality video. The Lakewood Church is also having a special website from where people can live stream the whole event online. With so many options to choose from you can definitely get the best one for you.

At what time and channel will the Easter service be on?

The Easter service special from Joel will be telecast on Fox Nation at 9.30 am and 12.30 pm ETD so don’t forget to catch it live. You can’t miss all the fun especially when you are quarantined because of the threatening virus.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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