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The Importance of Birth Injury Lawyers

Have You Suffered an Injury While Giving Birth? You May Need a Birth Injury Specialist Lawyer to Help You Get the Justice You Deserve

Injuries on the birthing bed have always been a problem for the health services. Ever since humans have existed, we have had to face the horrors of childbirth. We go through months of being too big to drive or bend over, and then when we do give birth it destroys our nether regions in a painful way. Recovery from a straightforward pregnancy is harsh at best, never mind one that has gone awry.

But what if you are one of the 7 in every 1,000 American births where the mother suffers a birthing injury? What if you are one of the unlucky ones? Let’s talk about birth injury lawyers and why they are important, as well as covering some instances where you might benefit from one.

Why Birth Injury Lawyers are Important?

When you are in this vulnerable state of giving birth, you are trusting that the medical professionals around you know what they are doing. You trust they will make you comfortable and do their best to make the already horrific process easier. This isn’t always the case. When you get into trouble in a birth situation and you find yourself let down by your medical team, your birth injury lawyers will work to obtain compensation on your behalf.

Birth Injury Lawyers are important because they help you get back the costs of medical malpractice. Giving birth isn’t just painful, it’s also expensive. If the people caring for you make mistakes, those costs can run ever higher. A birth injury lawyer will get those costs back and try to claim for your pain and suffering too. This can help cover costs of being out of work until you recover.

What Sort of Birth Injuries can a Lawyer Help Seek Compensation for?

Not all birthing issues are injuries which are avoidable. Here are common complaints that lawyers can help you seek compensation for.

Trauma that Results in Birth Defects

In some cases of extreme negligence, birth injuries can lead to birth defects that might not have happened if the staff hadn’t injured the mother. Birth defects make up around 3% of all babies born in the USA, but not all those defects occur naturally. The rate of birth trauma incidents is far lower, representing 1.9 babies in every thousand.

Forceps and Instrument Injuries

One of the issues some mothers have that cause birth injury to come from the use of instruments and equipment to aid in the birth. Forceps can damage you internally and can also damage the baby. Vacuum assisted deliveries can leave scarring and cause pain. These are known as vacuum extraction complications.

Damage to the Child

Children who are suffer injury during the birth run the risk of developing countless disorders. Brain damage, cerebral palsy through lack of oxygen, Erb’s palsy, intrauterine fetal disease, and other implications are all the result of a birth injury. If it happens to you, make sure you get a good birth injury lawyer to help you get justice.

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Lindsey Ertz
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