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8 Popular Online Travel Insurance Questions Answered?

Whether domestic or international, any trip gives a chance to escape from the monotonous life in which we are engrossed. Besides booking the flight and applying for a visa for an overseas trip, a lot of planning goes in to ensure a comfortable journey. Getting a customized online travel insurance policy should be one of the foremost things to do for any traveler.

Many travelers are yet to realize the importance of travel insurance plans. It’s time that we bust the myths & discuss why it is necessary to secure your trip in today’s times. Get the answers to popular questions about travel insurance here:

Why do I require a travel insurance cover?

The probability of unforeseen events like illness, accidents, trip delays, thefts and loss of belongings, or loss of passport, increases when we travel. Investing in a travel cover keeps us financially protected in such scenarios. Besides, getting hospitalized in an emergency during an international trip can be expensive. That is because healthcare costs are high in many countries. With a travel insurance cover in place, you can minimize the impact on your finances due to such events.

How can I choose the best travel insurance plan?

There are various types of travel insurance plans, such as international travel insurance and student travel insurance. You must select the right option that suits your travel needs. Moreover, if you are travelling with your family, considering a family floater option that keeps things worry-free for you. Similarly, get a single-trip policy or a multi-trip based on how frequently you travel to a specific destination. Also, do not forget a destination-specific travel policy.

Is it mandatory to get travel insurance for all countries?

Several countries, including member countries of the Schengen area, have made international travel insurance mandatory for many foreign tourists, including Indians. You need to provide proof of travel health insurance when applying for a visa. In other countries where it is not mandatory, it is still better to get travel insurance because that will help the traveler face any non-medical or medical emergency with ease.

Is it necessary to get a medical check-up before buying travel insurance?

Many travel insurers do not cover pre-existing ailments their international travel policy. Hence, it is better to check if a medical check-up will be required. In most cases, one needs to provide a health declaration before purchasing an online travel insurance policy.

Can I get an online travel insurance policy after I have started my journey?

No. It is not possible to get an online travel insurance policy after you have commenced the trip. One should get a travel policy much before starting a trip, usually within two weeks of trip booking.

Can I extend the period of the travel insurance policy?

Yes. It is possible to get an extension in a single-trip policy. The best international travel insurance plans also provide the automatic trip extension benefit for a specified number of days. You must read the policy documents when purchasing the policy and check the terms and conditions.

Will my travel insurance policy cover COVID-19?

Many travel insurance plans will cover COVID-19, just like any other illness that requires emergency hospitalization. However, you must check the policy documents to know more about the features, benefits, and exclusions to avoid any hassle when filing claims.

How to buy an online travel insurance policy?

Some insurers, like Care Health Insurance, have a simplified procedure to get online travel insurance. It is quick and hassle-free! Go to their official website, select a travel insurance policy, and get a quote by providing your contact details and other relevant information. You can customize your policy and buy it by paying the premium online.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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