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Don’t Mix Religion with Politics: Kuldeep Gurjar

Senior regional Leader of the Congress party Kuldeep Gurjar is the most famous hard worker member of the Indian National Congress and he is doing his hard work for Congress for last several years. He is a big supporter of farmers and he also listen their problems and he tried to solve them. For encouraging the youth and development of the society, he said; “if you want to change the society the change has been begin from you. It is important that before reforming the society you improve your thoughts nd deeds, only then there will be real development of the society”.

About Religion and Politics

In India different religion related people are living together. And it is responsibility of government and political leaders to take care of all the religions. They don’t have to create differences between vary religion related people. Don’t mix religion with politics; Kuldeep Gurjar said. His only motive is development of society as well as country. If they neglect the rights of other religion realted people then peace of the country will destry. He is toiling for it very much. He started a campaign in 2019, he began a campaign called “Yova Chale Gaon Gaon”. His only motive of starting this campaign was to strengthen Congress and he wanted a support from villagers.

He recently appointed State Secretary of Congress Youth, Haryana as well as he is Senior Regional Leader. Kuldeep completely dedicate himself to support the election campaigns of fellow leaders to win the election.

Kuldeep Gurjar is following Gandhi Ji’s Dream

Kuldeep Gurjar is following Mahatma Gandhi’s politics dream. Taking forward Gandhiji’s dream; “Village development is the country development” The purpose of “Yova Chale Gaon Gaon” is actually Gandhi ji strategy. In June 2019; Giving a brief about the progress of campaign Kuldeep Gurjar said; “Till now the campaign has been implement in more than 100 villages and is continuing to inspire the youth for rural development, due to which new enthusiasm and energy have been infused among the workers of the Congress party. They are not only participating in this campaign in the village but also contributing in the strengthening the Congress party at the grassroots level.”

Kuldeep Gurjar
Kuldeep Gurjar

Yova Chale Gaon Gaon

In a speech Kuldeep Gurjar said about Yova Chale Gaon Goan; “When I started the campaign I had taken an oath to strengthen the party organization. I open heartedly welcome the youth who joined the party and assured them they will be given full respect in the party and Congress is the only party in which youth gets full respect.” He is advising the youth as well as political parties “Don’t Mix Religion with politics” Kuldeep Gurjarsaid. If youth and political parties will say yes to his this statement then lots of problems will be ended very soon. For more information please visit the official Facebook page of Kuldeep Gurjar.

Kuldeep Gurjar
Kuldeep Gurjar

Kuldeep completely dedicate himself to support the election campaigns of fellow leaders to win the election. He is the hard worker member of the congress party for the several years. Because of his sincerity, loyalty and dedication he is now the State Secretary of Haryana Youth Congress

While chattig about Indian culture and growing influence of Westernisation, He said; “Avoid condemning others and reflect on your own faults. To protect the culture of India is showing more influence on the younger generation.”

Kuldeep Gurjar said; “Before changing the society it is necessary to change ourselves, before changing the world it is necessary to fix ourselves.”

So if youth want peace in their country they must should follow him. And also follow his golden words “Don’t mix religion with politics”; Kuldeep Gurjar.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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