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Your AI Assistant Can Do More Than You Think

AI assistants are intelligent cloud-based programs such as Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant that take commands from users and ease the completion of small office tasks. These programs are fed with data similar to AL-powered speech recognition, NLP, and machine learning projects.

Al assistants run on sophisticated AL programming algorithms to learn from inputted data and predict end users’ needs. Principally, Al assistants run Natural Language Processing (NPL) to decode, study, and generate human language and can do more than assist with running simple virtual office errands.

Streamlining Online Customer Services

Recent studies have shown a growing demand for AL assistants. A 2019 study indicated that over 67 percent of businesses had used Al-powered assistants within a year. These Al-powered programs streamline and increase the promptness of customer care.

Unlike humans, chatbots religiously respond to customer queries on a 24-hour basis. Once you integrate AL assistants into your customer service, clients are assured of getting prompt responses to their queries.

Every business operating online needs to integrate chatbots into their sales leads and customer service to save money and time allocated to human assistants. Gartner recently reported that Al-powered assistants could lower client queries by 70 percent while boosting customer satisfaction. The following are ways to integrate AL assistants into your customer service:

  • Get a custom Al-powered assistant developed specifically to handle your company’s sales leads and customer service.
  • Integrate the customer-care chatbot with the bots you use on your social media platforms.
  • Integrate the Al-powered assistant with existing business chatbots such as an entertainment assistant.

Optimizing Business Processes and Automating Workflows

In 2017, McKinsey reported 30 percent automatable activities in 60 percent of businesses. The increased demand for automation has pushed many companies to automate their everyday workflow tasks. One notable feature of Al-powered assistants is simplifying workflows and automating tasks.

Basically, many companies want to integrate AI customer experience into their customer service, sales department, marketing, HR, and recruitment to streamline workflows. Companies handling huge amounts of sales leads per month need to use Al assistants to optimize the processes and ensure workflows are handled efficiently. As per recent studies, Al assistants have the power to increase your company’s conversion rates by up to 30 percent.

Making Complicated Business Decisions

Companies rely heavily on Al assistants to conclude complex business decisions. Complex business decisions include supply chain optimization, warehouse automation, and supply chain decisions. Building an Al-powered chatbot capable of addressing your company’s needs from different angles makes it possible for your company to optimize making complex decisions.

For instance, intelligent decision support assistants assist analysts in making fundamental and complex business decisions. These systems use sophisticated algorithms and large data volumes to gauge the odds and determine what is at stake following certain decisions. Ideally, the most advanced Al-powered assistants can identify the persuasive and defensible ingredients mandatory when making complex business decisions.

Al Chatbots for Transcribing Meetings

Many businesses have started integrating innovative Al programs into their meetings to streamline the recording and transcription of the meeting contents. These programs are super intelligent and record your meetings talking points in real-time. Therefore, you won’t miss a single talking point when you use Al assistants during business meetings.

After inviting the Al assistant to your business meeting calendar, they will collect and record enough meeting details. They will as well transcribe those meetings on your behalf. The transcribed data will be available for future reference. That means you can revisit the notes anytime to seek any vital details that could be helpful to the growth of your company.

The use cases of Al chatbots are myriad, similarly to the benefits associated with adding these intelligent programs to business operations. While you may be using Al assistants for simple office assistant roles, other people have developed more intelligent chatbots capable of handling more complex and demanding office assistant tasks. These are some remarkable ways you can utilize chatbots to improve your business’s functions and operations.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey, a curious soul from NY, is a technical, business writer, and journalist. Her passion lies in crafting well-researched, data-driven content that delivers authentic information to global audiences, fostering curiosity and inspiration.

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