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The Good Detective Episode 1 Release Date, Plot, Updates & Streaming Details

As half of the year has passed by a lot of K-dramas are on the way and you can look forward to all of entertainment. The Good detective is another interesting show which is coming to entertain all the viewers in July. You can watch new episodes twice a week on Monday and Tuesday. It will have a total of 16 episodes and is one of the short length dramas. The K-dramas have been getting a lot of attention and loved by the audience internationally. You can get to watch all the shows with English subtitles even if you don’t understand the Korean Language. We have gathered all the latest information on the good detective so let us look at the details below:

What are the plot details of Good Detective?

good detective 2

A good detective is a drama that revolves around the concept of good and bad. The evil will try to do anything and everything to hide their corrupt features while the good party will try to uncover the truth. The battle between good and bad in the crime dramas is usually a treat to watch as you want the true side to win desperately. Kang Do Chang has been working a detective for 18 years now and he wants to be a good detective so he follows all the rules and morals. He was born and brought up in Incheon and has been investigating cases keeping in mind a reasoning power.

Oh, Ji Hyuk is another fellow detective and he will base the cases on the proofs that he gets. He has got a trauma in his childhood which he is not able to forget but he is a rich guy who has got a lot of inheritance from his Uncle. Jin Seo Kyung is another interesting character as he plays a reporter who is out there to find all the latest news and gossips. The background and the thrill go well with the theme and when you watch the show you will realize that the quality is very good.

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Who is in the cast of Good detective?

The_Good_Detective 3

The cast of Good detective features not so prominent actors from the K-dramas industry. They all have been working hard since the first reading and script session was held. You can see that they have performed well and each scene will grasp all the interest from viewers. Let us take a look at the names of the cast members below. However, feel assured that the leads and supporting cast have done a tremendous job.

  • Son Hyun-Joo – Kang Do-Chang.
  • Jang Seung-Jo – Oh Ji-Hyeok.
  • Lee Elijah – Jin Seo-Kyung.
  • Jo Hee-Bong – Woo Bong-Sik.
  • Cha Rae-Hyoung – Kwon Jae-Hong.
  • Jung Soon-Won – Ji Man-Goo.
  • Kim Ji-Hoon – Byeon Ji-Woong.
  • Kim Myung-Joon – Sim Dong-Wook.

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When is Good detective releasing and what are the streaming details?

The Good Detective Episode 1 will be releasing on the South Korean cable channel named JTBC. You will have to wait for a few hours and the episodes will be released on other streaming platforms too. You can watch the episodes on the HBO streaming website and the quality is quite good too. The trailer of the show seems very interesting and it portrays the theme very well. If you like crime and investigation dramas this one will entertain you to the fullest.

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