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Anime Movies that were successful in 2019 and made the Most Money

Anime movies are getting popular day by day. With advancing technologies the anime movies are made with better quality and the audience is able to enjoy a better version of the animation. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have helped in the development of the anime industry. People of all ages are getting attracted to animated movies because they picture the reality so well and the animated characters look so real. The plot and storyline of the animated series are soulful and interesting and that is the reason why more and more people are getting attracted to the animated stuff. It is highly entertaining and addictive and that is why there are hundreds of animated movies released every year. Not all of them become a successful venture but there are some animated movies that make a big mark in the entertainment world. We are going to review the best anime movies of 2019 that were highly successful and gained a lot of fans in the past year.

Weathering with you

Weathering with you is a romantic fantasy anime movie that was created in Japan. The movie focuses on the story of a boy who runs to Tokyo and meets up with some orphan girl there. He ends up falling for the girl. The girl has some special supernatural qualities and she has the ability to manipulate and control the weather. The film was awarded many awards internationally. The film received a lot of positive responses from the fans and audience and the critics also appreciated the film.

Code Geass: Lelouch of the resurrection         

The film was one of the most popular films in 2019. It was released in 120 theaters of Japan and was one of the most anticipated films. The film managed to be released in different regions and got so popular that it also released in different parts of the country. The film gained a lot of critical and commercial success in the box business. It was one of the most popular and dominating films in 2019 and opened to packed houses. The film has gained $ 9 million and is one of the most successful anime movies for all time.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson

The Japanese animated comedy attracted a lot of viewers in 2019 and the critics also praised the film a lot. The film has a runtime of 90 minutes and the audience has a fun time spending those 90 minutes with the fun and amazing characters of the film. If you are looking to laugh and have fun then KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson will be a great watch. It is a laughter riot and comes with some of the best comic scenes in any animated film of Japan.

One Piece: Stampede plot

If you are looking for a film that focuses on pirates then this film would be an entertaining watch for you. You will be able to witness a pirate festival and also experience the fun interaction between the characters. The film was successful among the fans and the critics also appreciated the film a lot. It was one of the biggest animated films in Japan and also released in other parts of the globe.

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