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10 Best Places to Stop and Smell the Flowers

Have you visited different places in the world where you can smell flowers? Flowers are not only amazingly beautiful and magnificent. They have a fragrance that cannot be compared with other things in the world. It is amazing to experience seeing flowers in different colors but it is another wonderful thing to smell the scent. Check out these 10 best places in the world worth stopping only to smell the flowers:

  1. Provence

Smell the fragrance of lavenders in Provence, France and be amazed by its heavenly scent. You will not only enjoy the majestic sight of long fields filled with Lavender flowers but you will also feel more relaxed because of the aromatherapy that its scent brings. The strains of lavenders are there during the spring season.

  1. Australia

Frangipani flowers
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Specifically in Sydney and Brisbane where Frangipani flowers are abundant, Australia is the country to stop if you want to smell the sweet scents of flowers. The distinct smell reminds people of the country and no one who already experienced it would want to miss this scent at a specific time of the year. Frangipani actually grows throughout the places and towns in Australia, which means that wherever in the country you want to stay, you will smell the sweetness of this flower.

  1. Isles of Scilly

The Tresco Abbey Garden located in the isles of Scilly is a glorious place to visit not only to see the beautiful flower garden but also to smell the flowers. The garden is home to thousands of flowers and plants originally found in different places in the world. This subtropical paradise is also a place where you can find a large variety of exotic flowers and plants, including the rarest species of dwarf pansy and enchanting blue Echium.

  1. Vondelpark

Vondelpark in Amsterdam is the place to go if you want to smell the scent of Tulips in the spring season. If you plan to visit the place in summer, you will also enjoy a lot of the flora and fauna sights and smells. Vondelpark is the largest park in Amsterdam that is filled with wild Jasmine. You will be captivated by its heavenly scent as you stroll in the urban park and get to view the exclusive summer stock frozen in different shades of pink, red, magenta, purple, yellow, and white. Roses and other kinds of beautiful and colorful flowers are also visible in the area, and they add more amazing fragrances to the scent of the field.

  1. Uttarakhand

The natural landscape of Uttarakhand, India offers a scenic view of more than a hundred species of flowers. More than the beauty of the scenery, this place is also well-favored among tourists and visitors because of the fragrant flowers. When you visit India on the summer season, enjoy its beautiful gardens of flowers and smell the strong scent of Jasmine and Roses, Sweet Peas, Champas, and local flowers known as Rajanigandha.

  1. Mount Stewart

Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland is a go-to place if you want to be delighted with the display of the wildflowers of Rhododendrons and Rowallane. Along with other beautiful flowers, these are just spectacular not only insight but also in fragrance. The sweet scent of the flowers makes the place a romantic getaway venue for many lovers who want the old-fashioned date. Summer here is just wonderful because of the magnificent flowers in their rich colors and fragrance.

  1. Swiss Aps

Breathtaking and awesome are the peaks of the Swiss Alps. But more than that, this is also the place for people who love the wildflowers seen as the backdrop of amazing scenery. If you are looking for places to smell wonderful flowers, this is your place to be. You will never get tired smelling the Alpine Columbine and your eyes are sure to be filled with the views of the vibrant colors of flowers.

  1. Japan

When it is time for the Cherry Blossoms, Japan is the place for lovers of flowers. In fact, the place tops the list for those who travel and enjoy the heavenly scent of Cherry blossoms. The gardens of Kyoto and the vistas of Mount Yoshinoyama are graced with the enchanting blooms of Cherry flowers.

  1. Arizona

During wildflower season, usually between the months of July and September, Arizona is abundant of colorful ad beautiful flowers that are rich in colors and full of fragrance. Aside from taking photos and enjoying the view, everyone gets to experience the fragrance and scent of wildflowers and the gorgeous Arizona Blanket flowers. If you have the time, you can even take the Hot Air Balloon ride to see the Blue Cornflowers on top view.

  1. Shanghai Botanical Gardens

The Shanghai Botanical Gardens in China is a lovely place to smell flowers and to behold its beauty. This garden is the largest in the country and it features a wide range of species of plants and flowers originating from different parts of the world. From springtime to the summer season to any season in each year, this place offers a charming and enchanting place for flower lovers, especially to couples who are looking for a romantic place.

These 10 best places in the world are your great choice if you want to smell the fragrance of flowers. No matter what time or season you prefer to travel the world, there is a place where you can smell the sweet scent of flowers.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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