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The Devil You Know To Release On Digital In April End

The Devil You Know is a new crime drama that will be released on Digital in April. If you love crime dramas then this show is a must-watch for you. We have gathered all the latest information regarding the series. Read the post below to find out about the star cast, plot, release date and other details about the show.

The Devil You Know Star Cast

The Devil You Know cast includes:

  • Omar Epps
  • Will Catlett
  • Glynn Turman
  • Curtiss Cook
  • Vanessa Bell Calloway
  • Erica Tazel
  • Vaughn W. Hebron
  • Michael Beach
  • Keisha Epps
  • Ashley A. Williams
  • Theo Rossi
  • Michael Ealy

The Devil You Know Synopsis

The crime drama revolves around the crimes happening around the world. Boundaries and bonds will be tested in this gritty crime-thriller drama. It is about family, morality, and redemption. The show will take you on a twisting ride and you will be thrilled to catch up with each twist and turn in the show.

The story is about a man who is once incarcerated. Marcus Cowans (Omar Epps) is seen turning over a new leaf in his life with the support of his loving family. He discovers that one of his brothers (Will Catlett) might be involved in a horrific crime.

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Marcus grapples is blackmailed due to the brotherhood and loyalty he shares with his brother. He and his family, are wary of the justice system’s failings. The family ends up in the crosshairs of a seasoned. The jaded detective (Michael Ealy) is hell-bent on finding a solution to the problem.

The show is written and directed by Charles Murray. The Devil You Know will evoke the question in the viewers’ minds. Am I my brother’s keeper? And at what cost I am doing this? Lionsgate Command Films production, a Tetrad Studios production, in association with Brooklyn Works Films and BondIt Media Capital will be the distributors of the film.

The Devil You Know Release Date

The Devil You Know was released in the theatres on April 1st. You can watch the film in a theatre near you. The Devil You Know will be available on digital services at the end of April.

The Devil You Know Review

The reviews for The Devil You Know have been pretty mixed. The show has received a mixed response. The film looks like a fine watch at home. The writers have put in a lot of effort to write the script. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you must catch it. For all crime lovers, the series will be a treat.

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