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7 Tips for Dressing Stylishly at Work in the Heat

Even beach clothes and loungewear are tough to cope with when it is hot outside. Dressing for the office is much trickier as the heat between your air-conditioned house, car, and office challenges you to stay cool and comfortable. Despite the heat, dressing appropriately and in fashion for work is possible. Here you will find some easy tips to ensure you show up to work in style.

Switch to Linen and Other Light Fabrics

You will be more comfortable in the heat if you wear lighter, airier shirts and dresses instead of bulky, heavy fabrics for your professional attire. The heat makes fabrics like linen, silk, and lightweight cotton feel cooler. Breathable fabrics and thinner materials allow for better ventilation and do not absorb as much moisture as other materials. For these reasons, T-shirts and shorts made of breathable fabrics are trendy in southern climates, and well-made options are always in style. In high temperatures, cotton and linen clothing are your best friends.

Show Your Style With Designer Glasses

It is no longer necessary to wear old-fashioned frames when you want to project authority and professionalism. You can add your unique sense of fashion and style to the workplace by wearing your favorite designer eyewear. The advantages of designer frames go far beyond just paying for a brand name. You can customize your eyewear based on your specific optical needs and fashion statement in terms of how you want them to look and function. You can spice up any outfit with designer glasses, as they are fun, stylish and practical at the same time.

Try Lighter Colors 

It would be best if you erred on the lighter side of the color wheel when selecting the color scheme for your outfit since darker colors absorb more heat. A black shirt will feel warm faster than a white one. Springtime pastel colors like baby blue and light pink are excellent choices for staying on trend and keeping cool. In summer, experiment with outfits in yellows and creams to keep your temperature cool while staying stylish. When you are in a warmer climate, you can wear these colors any time of the year.

Dress From the Ground Up

You lose heat through your feet and head, so consider dressing up from the ground when it gets hot. Opt for airy canvas slip-on shoes if you have not had a pedicure and do not want to expose your toes. It is a good idea always to wear silk-cotton, invisible “ballerina socks” underneath your summer shoes. It is an excellent trick to repel sweat and keeps you looking professional. You can wear some stylish backless shoes and still get the same ease, convenience, and practicality of a flip-flop without looking like a beach bum.

Upgrade Your T-Shirts

Loose cotton or cotton-linen blend t-shirts are a savior in high heat. You can find high-quality tees from luxe-casual brands that are wearable all year round. The quality of the material gives them a more polished, dressed-up look. You can pair yours with some cropped pants or a stylish skirt. You can play with different colors and patterns and add a light jacket to complete your professional look.

Conceal Moisture in Your Clothing

It is no secret that you will sweat in a warm climate. There are great ways to get creative to ensure you do it discreetly. Prints are a fantastic way to conceal sweat patches, so embrace geometrics and florals. Layering is another clever way to cover unsightly patches. A thin longline black waistcoat over a white shirt is an excellent idea for a classic look.

Accentuate With Details

If your outfit is more casual, you can choose a stylish handbag to elevate your attire. Consider carrying a structured bag to carry your work items. If your colors are light, you can accent them with a moderate splash of color. Adding sleek pumps or stylish jewelry will keep your look classy.

Elevate Your Hairstyle

It is best to wear an updo in a hotter environment if you have long hair, including thick hair. Having your hair down covers your neck and can act like a scarf, keeping your neck warm. It will help to feel the day’s breeze on your neck as much as possible. Ponytails, messy buns, or braids are great hairstyles for this.

The key to staying cool in warm environments is wearing light colors, less fabric, and simple accessories. Add your style, and you are on your way to being fashionable while still looking like a professional in the workplace.

Incorporating subtle accessories can elevate your work attire, even in the heat. To add a touch of personality while staying professional, shop these patches here and creatively enhance your office wardrobe.

Lindsey Ertz
Lindsey Ertz
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