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Soul (2020) Film Release Date and story Info with Full cast and crew

Pixar and Disney have partnered up for many great and interesting animated movies and their recent release Toy story became audience favorite. They have recently announced their upcoming movie Soul and the audience can’t wait for the film to release. The film will be coming out soon and there have been a lot of talks about the film in the media. We have gathered all the information about Soul from all over the internet and will be provided with all the latest details about it.

Soul: The Voice Cast

Since the movie is an animated film stars would not be appearing physically and will be lending their voices. The makers of the Soul have roped in some big names from the industry. The following artists are going to be the voices of the major characters of the Soul.

When Soul was first announced?

The soul was officially announced back in 2016 when Inside out a major hit from the production company was nominated for the Academy Awards. The production team worked out for almost 3 years to develop the characters of the animated movie. The idea was created by Pixar a long time back but the development procedure took a long time. On June 19th, 2019 Pixar officially announced that Soul is in the making and will be out to entertain the audience soon.

Who is behind Soul: The Crew and the team?

Pete Doctor who has been a co-director for Pixar’s previous hit ventures will be taking on the director’s seat as the sole director of Soul. The film will be his debut as a solo director and we are expecting that he will do his best. The director has been an animator for a long time and he has been releasing short animated movies since 1988. His characters in his short films were hand-drawn and were quite impressive. Docter had no experience in computer animation but he was a quick learner and became a major part in the making of the Toy Story. The name of the scriptwriter hasn’t been announced and a few big names are being considered

Plot of Soul

The film focuses on the main character of Joe Gardner who is a music teacher. He is a music teacher and teaches music to middle school students. His dream is to play music for a living and he wants to achieve that dream one day. He loves playing the piano and lives his life while teaching piano to his students at a school. Joe finally ends up grabbing his first gig and ends up falling in a manhole. He is confused and lost and meets up with a soul called Fey. He discovers that he is not alone and both of them work together to get back to the real world. During the process, they realize that what it is like to have a soul.

When is the release date of the Soul?

The soul will be hitting the theater on June 12th, 2020. The official announcement of the movie was made in the year 2019 and after a 1 year of the long wait, the film will finally release in 2020. The film is along the lines of the 2015 hit film inside out from Pixar. Inside out was released on June 19th in the year 2015 and Soul will be releasing on the same date in 2020.

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