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Rachel Maddow Net Worth, Bio, Age, Personal Life, Career, Kids & More

Rachel Maddow is a news anchor and she is showcasing her talent on MSNBC for a long time now. She is popularly known for hosting one of the most important shows named ‘The Rachel Maddow’ show. Rachel is known for being open-minded and sharing her thoughts without caring about anything. The liberal point of view and political commentary she has done so far is loved by audiences of all ages. Fans were surprised to know that she has been one of the only anchors to share lesbian news on television for the very first time. Here is all you need to know about Rachel Maddow.

Early Life

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Rachel was born on 1st April 1973 in Castro Valley, California. Her father is a former captain of the Air force while her mother is a school teacher. She spent a very simple lifestyle and her parents loved and supported her in all the adventures. Rachel and her brother were born and raised in a strict Catholic house. While she was growing up she had a lot of interest in sports and was a good athlete during his school days. Once she graduated from school she earned a degree in public policy. One newspaper was open revealed that she is a lesbian and she was quite open about it all. If this isn’t enough she went to Oxford University and earned a degree in politics.

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Personal Life and Net Worth

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As we have already mentioned that Rachel is a lesbian and she has a female partner in her life.  Susan Mikula is an artist and she specializes in photography and deals with different types of cameras. The couple has been living together in Newyork and fans are not happy to know about this revelation for the first time. Apart from that, there are few controversies that she has been into because her points of view are very liberal. The total net worth of Rachel is around $25 million while her yearly salary has been $7 million every year. Her major source of income has been her anchor career. Recently she launched her own podcast called Bag Man and the show features a lot of controversies surrounding Spiro Agnew.


Rachel started her career as a radio host and kept getting good opportunities back to back. She was a co-host for the popular show ‘The Dave in the morning show’ for WRNX. It was a radio show that was based in Massachusetts. She was fortunate that things were going on her side as she got easy seelction as the news anchor on MSNBC.

When she covered the program a race in the white house it took her to a new high altogether. She is a great speaker and everyone loves it when she presents the news to the audience. In 2008 MSNBC announced that Rachel will be doing a show named ‘The Rachel Maddow Show. The show has become immensely popular and has given her name and fame. She has always been open about LGBT publications and has been a successful correspondent for ‘The Advocate Magazine’.

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