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The Best Outdoor Toy Storage Boxes Today

Maintaining a clean and orderly house is difficult when you have children roaming around your home all the time. Hence, the importance of having an outdoor toy storage box; it doesn’t just help you organize your house to look clean but keeps your children safe and secure from accidents.

Having diverse options in today’s generation helps you pick the best toy storage box to buy. But, having a lot of items to choose from might take you a lot of time. These are the narrowed down list of the best choices for an outdoor toy storage box that are available in the market today.

Ketel Novel 90 Gallon Resin Deck Box-Organization and Storage

The Ketel Novel 90 Gallon Resin Deck Box-Organization and storage are among the best choices of outdoor toy storage boxes today. It is made with polypropylene resin plastic, which helps it to be well built and tough. It is water-resistant, rust-resistant, and dent-resistant to keep it looking as good as new all the time.

If you are having trouble with your stuff’s security, you don’t have to worry because this storage box comes with a lockable lid to secure your belongings. It doesn’t just keep people with bad intentions away but keeps your stuff safe from bad weather with its weather-resistant features.

This storage box can cater for almost 90 gallons weight capacity and includes an extra bench seating for about 485lbs weight capacity. Making this storage box the most versatile choice you can buy.

Toy Storage Boxes

Suncast 124 Gallon Extra Large Deck Box

Suncast 124 Gallon Extra Large Deck Box can cater to the amount of 124-gallon capacity. It’s a big storage box with an exact measure of 52.75″ x 29″ x 26″, which is perfect for your outdoor area. You don’t have to worry about its quality because it is built with a water-resistant polyresin designed to keep your storage box away from rusting and fading.

This storage box has an elegant and sophisticated design best placed in any yard, deck, porch, or patio. If you plan on buying a storage box, this box should be on top of your list.

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box

Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck box is the storage box you need if you want a multipurpose storage box where you can store your belongings and sit simultaneously. It is designed to save space in your yard and at the same time gives you a bench to sit on.

Its storage capacity is 70gallons of items. Although this storage box is not made with wood, it is made with a high-quality weather-resistant resin that can resist rust, peel, and dents making your storage box simultaneously a chair to look new as always.

Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box

Keter Circa 37 Gallon Round Deck Box its round shape helps you to pace it easily at any place of your outdoor yard. It is also fast and uncomplicated that requires no tools when setting this storage box. Its 37-gallon capacity makes it an ideal place to store toys, tools, and many more. 

One of this storage box’s best features is that this is a multipurpose storage box where you can use it to store your belongings and use it as a table as well—making it one of the best-hidden storage boxes that you must have. 


A storage box is the best way to make your house clean and organized with many options of what storage box you should buy. This list will help you to pick the best storage box that suits your needs.

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