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When Will Sintonia Season 2 Return?

Sintonia is a Brazillian crime drama that has caught a lot of attention all over the world. The crime drama offers different concepts and thriving genres. Sintonia is about rebellious teenagers who do what pleases them. The makers of the show have shown bold concepts and the show is about rule-breaker teenagers who can go to any extreme to get what they want.

About Sintonia

The show made its debut in August 2019 and it was a huge success. There are reports that the makers of the show will be coming back with the second season of Sintonia soon. The show made its debut on Netflix on August 9, 2019, and is one of the most popular international series produced by Netflix.

The show has become one of the most highly anticipated international series and Netflix has renewed the show for a second season. If you are a fan of the Brazillian teenage crime drama then you can expect to watch an action-packed new season of the show soon.

About Sintonia Season 1

The plot of Sintonia is about three childhood friends. The lead characters of the show are named Nando, Doni, and Rita. They have grown up together and match towards a musical direction. They go far away from the Darkness of Sau Paulo, Brazil, but the city seems to follow them everywhere. The show focuses on taboos like drug trafficking, religion to music, and much more stuff.

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Sintonia Season 1 Team

The show has been directed by the famous Brazillian Music director Konrad Dantas. He is also popularly known as Kondzilla and has 50 million YouTube Subscribers. He has directed the series and has also done the music background score for the series. The show has been co-produced by Brazilian actress Alice Braga. The first season of the show made its debut in August of 2019.

Sintonia season 1 success


Sintonia was appreciated by the diversity and unique storytelling of the series. The teen drama has a unique concept and was loved by the audience as well as the critics. The fans have claimed that there is a lack of plot development of the characters, the show has still managed to make a mark and shine.

When will the Season 2 of Sintonia release?

Filming of season 2 of Sintonia was scheduled to begin in 2020. The new episodes will be 45 minutes per episode. Due to the pandemic, the filming was halted and no new updates have been revealed by the team of the show. We hope to get some latest updates about the release of season two soon. Season 1 of Sintonia released 6 episodes and was shot in Sao Paulo. The show is expected to arrive in 2021 on Netflix.

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What can you expect from Sintonia Season 2?

The director of the series Konrad Dantas revealed a few details about season 2 of Sintonia. Konrad Dantas revealed,” We exceeded expectations in the first season. It was the most popular series on Netflix in 2019, and our only challenge was to follow our hearts. In the second season, in addition to our love, we will also add the energy of the audience that felt represented on the series and is waiting for something even bigger.”

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