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PlayVs Joins Hands With 2K Games For 2022 Spring Season

PlayVS has partnered up with 2K Games and this news is a surprise for all the gamers around the world. The team behind both the companies has partnered for the new 2022 Spring Season. Here is all you need to know about the new event

NBA 2K Spring 2022

The high schoolers will be up against each other in NBA 2K this year. The varsity esports system will be running in both the U.S. and Canada. This will give kids a chance to compete with each other before the collegiate players compete. This new deal will allow the players to get a chance to battle in a new game. The new game will be added to the platform and will provide a new group of competitors with an amazing chance to benefit from scholastic esports.

Founder and CEP of PlayVS statement about the event

“Bringing NBA 2K, one of the most highly demanded titles among our player base, to high schools across the country is a monumental opportunity in scholastic esports,” said Delane Parnell, Founder, and CEO of PlayVS.

Growth of Esports

The founding of PlayVS has helped young and talented players to explore their talent. PlayVS always had the vision to grow and the esports opportunities at the high school level have been developed to give the young talent a bright chance. The collaboration with the leading game publishers will give the players a new alliance.

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The 2K is no exception and it will be a great day for PlayVS. They will continue building the game catalog and this has helped to give a lot of growth of esports in high schools. PlayVS will continue to deliver incredible student benefits and will give them endless opportunities to play different games.

PlayVS is super excited to continue providing students a platform where they can participate in PlayVS’ leagues. This will give the players an opportunity to not only compete on the top level but will also open doors for them for future games. Their career and professional opportunities will also be explored. The NBA 2K is one of the most played sports titles and has a good name in the market today. The companies cannot wait for the players to dive into the competition.

NBA 2K For The Next Generation Players

PlayVS will be expanding the competitive NBA 2K and will offer exciting features to the next generation of players. The structure and community-centric approach has given PlayVS a chance to establish itself across schools. This has provided competitive experiences to the players. The two platforms are looking forward to the Spring 2022 event. The amazing young talent will be playing NBA 2K and will put their skills to the test while being on the virtual hardcourt.

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