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Sifu Release Date Pushed Back By Sloclap

If you are a fan of Sifu then we have some interesting news for you. The developer and publisher of Sifu Sloclap have revealed that they are pushing up the release date for Sifu. Many other games are getting pushed back as they are ready for release. The fans of Sifu will be getting a game earlier than expected. Here is all you need to know about Sifu.

Sifu: What is the game all about?

Sifu‘s inspiration comes from classic Kung Fu fighting movies. Sifu is a fighting video game and will be the latest combat video game. The players get a detailed look at throwing blows, and will counter-attacks and strategies.

They can use to avoid or survive in the game. Sifu‘s unique visual style will promise 60fps across both platforms and the players will get the most detailed look at the carnage. You can reap upon your enemies but you should be focused, fast and skilled in the video game.

The players make attacks to succeed in the quest. You will have to build a great defense through mastering pushbacks. The knockdowns and stuns will be just as important in combat. The Attacks and parries will give you open opportunities to strike efficiently. When an enemy is knocked off you will be able to cross a level. The careless players can be caught off guard when the enemy attacks so make sure not to lose your balance.

Sifu Gameplay

The environments in Sifu will play a role in combat as well. In the video game, the area provides opportunities to confront enemies. You will be learning to improvise and adapt to the surroundings. The players will encounter the difference between life and death. You will have to focus on combat and will get many useful tools in Sifu. The powerful tools during fights will allow fighters to deliver a devastating blow to the enemies.

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The game’s progression systems will be based on training and self-improvement. The players will establish an integral part and will play with a lot of effort during the journey. Players can carry an ancient pendant and will rise up after death – at a cost. Fighters will age with every death and will get an opportunity to spend XP on skills. You will become stronger, wiser, and tougher while playing the game.

Sifu Features

  • Exchange maximum health for offensive power. The character model will age, and you will encounter spurring fighters
  • Getting older in the game will have no detrimental drawbacks on abilities; you will be able to complete the game regardless of your age. Skills can also be unlocked when you are in Wuguan. The Shrines are found at every level.
  • Shrines allow improvements and will offer choices between perks. You will be provided will different skills, perks and will specialize in a particular trait of your choice.
  • The players will get boosts in health, additional focus charges, and will have an improved structure meter to block attacks.
  • Get Improved weapon durability and many other advantages. As players continue will continue their quest for revenge, you can get access to the detective board and can track information in their journey.

Sifu Release Date

Sifu will be released on February 8th, 2022. It will be released two weeks earlier than expected. The team of Sifu has released three more videos that provide extra info about the aspects of the game.

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