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Last Week Tonight: Review, Plot, Updates and More

Last week tonight is a real news show that is hosted by John Oliver. The host covers all the latest news that gains attention over the past week. The show covers various kinds of news and covers all the important events of the past week. John adds traditional spark and his witty comments to the coverage and this is why Last Week Tonight is one of the most successful TV shows since 2014.

What is special about Last Week Tonight?

Last Week Tonight is not just a program that covers global news and events. It is a satirical program and also is a strong voice of opinion and reason. It has created a lot of awareness among the people about right and wrong. Oliver is not afraid of any politician or conglomerates and takes them down by adding humor and with his news coverage. The show will surely make you laugh and if you are interested in satirical shows that will make entertain you then Last Week Tonight is the most suitable TV show for you. The show doesn’t have the monologue concept and Oliver is given the opportunity to voice his opinion.

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Why you should watch Last Week Tonight?

last week tonight

Last Week Tonight gives a roundup about the important happenings of news and stories that have occurred in the past week. The reality show covers stories from America and other parts of the world. It will give you an entertaining time and will make you laugh a lot. The audience is able to enjoy a fresh perspective of the news. John Oliver is the funniest TV host ever as he makes you laugh like never before. Last Week Tonight has a live audience and the people present there are left in awe of the humor and wit John Oliver has.

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What is Last Week Tonight all about?

Last Week Tonight Format has a format of a daily show and John Oliver picks up news and incidents from the past week and presents them to the world with a pinch of humor and wit. There are some of the best satirical videos added to the news and the jokes used in the show are spot on. John briefs the news that has happened in the past week and then moves on to the main topic of the series. When the show has a meaty story to tell Oliver prefers to do just a single story in one episode. Oliver has interviewed many popular politicians and actors and many renewed faces have been a part of Last Week Tonight.

Last Week Tonight Review

Last Week Tonight has been successfully hosting and running the show for consecutive seven seasons. The shows have received an overwhelming response from the audience and have provided us with some of the most informative pieces of news to date. The satirical remarks of Oliver are fun and entertaining and make the show an interesting watch. You may not agree with everything he is saying but that doesn’t mean that what he says is wrong. The TV host covers international news and brings forward the global issues to the world. His never back down attitude has made Last Week Tonight one of the most-watched shows on HBO.

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