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The office Finale, Ending, Plot, Release Date & All You Need To Know

It’s sad news for the fans as Netflix has officially announced that the office will soon say goodbye to the audience. There was some news earlier that Netflix has canceled the show and now Peacock will be your new streaming platform. The much-loved comedy series is loved by people of all ages thanks to the wonderful script and powerful performance. The office has been a good runner for Netflix and got all the love and appreciation. Here we have all the details for the audience so check out below:

Why is the office ending on Netflix?

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Netflix has recently announced that the office will soon be moving to Peacock. The leading actor of the series Brian Baumgartner who plays Kevin has revealed in an interview that it is the topmost show on the streaming platform. You will be surprised to know that the series has broken records with 52 billion viewing minutes in 2018 according to NBC. According to the latest buzz NBC is paying $100 million per year for five years in a row. The office has been successful in minting a large amount of money. Unlike Netflix peacock is a streaming platform that is run by ads. However, the services are only available in the USA so fans in the other part of the world cannot gain from it. There is no concrete news about why the channel is canceling the show and is taken over by Peacock.

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What is the plot of the office?

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The office is a typical series that revolves around people working at the office. There are plenty of ego clashes and wars going on in the workplace. Micheal Scott, the boss, and other characters are entertaining and endearing so you are going to love them. If you are one of them who have already watched the comedy series you will be aware of what the concept is. There are many people who believe that the office is taken by a real-life story. It is true to some extent that the story has been taken from a documentary. The character of Micheal has got NPD and his behavior keeps changing from time to time. He is in the fantasy world most of the time and doesn’t know what is happening around him.

What will happen at the end of the office?

There are many people who are curious to know what will happen at the ending of the office. The episode will end with Pam as she takes her old drawing in her hands. Creed will walk away with handcuffs. Micheal also seems to have a happy ending as he thinks that parents become happy when children are happy. If you don’t want to read the spoilers here you can directly watch the episodes and see how the ending goes. The sitcom television series is popular as it depicts some great scenes from everyday life. All the characters are close to reality and that is why they are easy to connect with. You will like the show and try out if you haven’t.

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