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Sacred Lies Season 3 Release Date, Plot & All You Need To Know

Sacred Lies is an American web series that is soon coming back with a new season. The first two seasons of the show have been extremely popular among people. It was released on Facebook Watch and has been created by Stephanie Oakes. The season one was based on a novel and the new season might follow the same pattern. It has got scary and mysterious vibes and if you like a bit of horror this show is definitely for you. We have gathered all the important details regarding the new season and let’s look at all the details below.

What is Sacred Lies season 3 all about?

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Sacred lies follow the story of a girl named Minnow Bly and she is an innocent teenage girl who has been a part of the cult for 12 years in a row. You will see her wearing a bloody shirt and for unknown reasons, she starts beating a mentally challenged boy. Some people called the police and when they try to arrest her they found out that she has no hands which are quite scary. She gets to meet a doctor and an FBI agent who has been dealing with the crimes related to the cult.

Minnow has been a part of the cult so she knows all about the happenings around them so she starts to explain to them the reasons behind everything that happened to her. The series will keep following the flashbacks as well as the new scenes which connect the story together. The leader of the cult named Kevin is very scary and he claims that he can talk to God which is quite intriguing and there are followers who follow him blindly.

The worst thing is that the women in the cult are kept just because they give birth to children otherwise they have no value or respect. Minnow knows that the leader of the cult wanted to marry her and is interested in her. They promote polygamy and he already had eight wives. She also recalls that there was a guy named Jude who showed her a lot of love and respect. When she denied marrying the cult leader her hands were cut off.

What are the latest updates on Sacred lies season 3?

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The season three of sacred lies will carry on with the character of Minnow. Her transformation from a young and shy girl into a more confident one will be seen. She will start accepting the world outside the cult and becomes a modern woman. The second part of the series ended on an incomplete twist and there were many questions that were left unanswered. It is like a dark tale that features many twists and turns so you can expect something on the same lines in season three. According to the recent updates Peacock has got the rights from Facebook Watch but there are no further details coming out from makers as yet.

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What is the release date of Sacred lies season 3?

The new trailer of Sacred lies season three will arrive in a month or so and although there is no official release date announced we expect that the show will come out by the end of this year. Many fans have been waiting for a new season and it is going to be a treat for everyone!

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