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Lisa Murkowski Net Worth, Age, Political Party, Professions, Salary

Lisa Ann Murkowski is a politician from America. She is the senator of the United States and is serving the state Alaska since the year 2002 to present. She is from the Republican part and the second most senior women senator in the Republican Party. She is considered a moderate politician and doesn’t have strict and conservative rules.

Some Facts about Lisa Murkowski

Lisa was born on 22nd May 1956 and is 62 years old. She was born and brought up in Alaska and is the first female Alaskan born politician serving the region as a senator. She is happily married to Verne Martell and the couple has two sons together. She loves to spend time with her family and likes to explore Alaska the land where she was brought up. Lisa loves to hang out in Alaska and spends her free time hiking and skiing in the beautiful lands and glaciers of Alaska. She loves duck hunting during the fall season.

Political career

  • Senator, United States Senate, 2002-present
  • Former Deputy Whip, United States Senate
  • Representative, Alaska State House of Representatives, 1998-2002

Lisa Murkowski net worth and salary

Lisa’s net worth is estimated to be $812,019 to $2.2 Million. In 2017 Lisa’s financial assets were estimated to be around $915,022 and $2.2 million which were shared by her husband and her. The assets were kept in various forms but they were kept in bank accounts and in the form of stock holdings notably. A lot of her income comes from the interest incomes that she gets from various stock holds and bank accounts. Alaska has a fund that gives out money to all the residents of Alaska which comes in from the oil companies working in the region. Lisa also receives funds from there. Lisa and her husband also have an apartment in Washington DC and they have rented out that apartment and they earn a handsome amount of rent from there as well. She is one of the richest politicians in America.

Lisa Murkowski campaigns as a politician

Abortion, women rights

Lisa has been pretty neutral when it comes to rights for getting abortions. She has supported that it is every women’s choice and right to choose whether she wants to give birth to the child or not. She has been strictly against late abortions because that might lead to serious health risks to the mother. She has voiced strong opinions on women rights in the country and all over the world and has supported women rights to the maximum.

Health Care

Lisa voted for health care for children. She supported the insurance of children and their health. The children who are underprivileged and unhealthy in the country should be given preference because they are the future of the nation. She believed strongly in securing healthy conditions and environment for children.

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Same sex Marriage

In 2004 Lisa voted against the same sex marriage issue in Alaska and stated that marriage should be between a man and women. She also stated that every state has the right to define marriage and views on marriage. Later in 2014, she stated that she has changed her view on same sex marriage and she believes that people are changing and the old and traditional views about same sex marriage needs to be reviewed and she might turn into favor of same sex marriage.

Other Professions

  • Chairman, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
  • Member, Senate Appropriations Committee
  • Chairman, Interior-Environment Subcommittee
  • Member, Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee
  • Member, Senate Indian Affairs Committee
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