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American Housewife Season Five, Preview, Release Date & More

American Housewife is a popular series that is soon coming back with season five. The series was renewed for the new season in May this year but due to coronavirus, the schedule was changed.ABC network has relieved all the lovely fans by stating the new season will indeed arrive very soon and fans can enjoy it. The Otto family is back to entertain the audience with a brand new story and you will once again fall in love with all the characters. We have gathered all the details about American housewife so take a look below:

Is there is a preview for American housewife season five?

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The makers of American housewife recently shared a preview with fans and they can feel happy that a new season is on the way. It is one of the very few series that is loved by people of all ages. Otto family is imperfect and everyone can relate to them very easily. In the fifth season, the Otto family is getting ready to attend the graduation ceremony of Taylor who has recently graduated from high school.

Apart from that Oliver gets to know that Cooper and his family are moving out of Westport but he is very much shocked. Anna-Kat has been bullying her classmates and now planning a new adventure where she has to stay away in a camp all night. It seems a new twist will happen during the summer break.

What is the plot of American Housewife season five?

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American housewife revolves around the Otto family and there are many characters whose stories are featured in it. They try to live a modest life even though all their neighbors are mean and arrogant and live in the west port. Katie who is the mother of three children and wife of Mr. Greg Otto is the main lead of the series and almost every story is connected with her. The direction of the series is very good and each character is very interesting too. The previous four seasons are available on Hulu and you can stream it if you have missed those seasons. It will be easy to connect with the storyline if you watch it from the beginning.

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Who is in the cast of American housewife and when it is releasing?

The actress who played the role Anna-Kat in the first four seasons has taken an exit from the show Julia butter will no longer be a part of the sitcom now. Giselle Eisenberg will be replacing her and playing the role of Anna-Kat. She has already been a part of Life in Pieces which is another sitcom on the same channel.

Katy Mixon will also be coming back for this new season as her character has been popular previously too. She is playing a regular housewife and her character is loved by everyone. The rest of the cast members will remain the same and come back for the fifth season. The new season will be making a come on your television screens on October 28th, 2020 on the ABC channel.

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