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USPS Tracking- What are the tracking steps of USPS?

Are you an online business owner? If you are one of that successful business owner who has multiple orders every day you must be aware that tracking a package and updating the customer about the status of the order is very important. When customers buy a product they want to know about all the details about the shipment time and procedure. USPS tracking is an easy way to track down the location of the package and it allows you and your customer to know where the package exactly is. USPS package tracking is mostly compatible with all USPS shipping products. The package that you send to your customer is scanned almost 13 times before it actually reaches the doorstep of the client. Let’s get to know about the steps and stages it goes through in the process of tracking.

How can you track a USPS package?

Once you purchase an online product you will be provided with a tracking number. When you have the tracking number with you you can easily track where your item is and when it will deliver to your place. You can check the status of the product delivery through 4 ways.

  • USPS has an official website and you can track down your product by inserting the tracking number provided to you
  • You can also inquire about your product delivery status by calling on the number 1 -800 -222-1811.
  • If you don’t want to call you can always text your tracking number to 28777 and get details about your delivery
  • For USPS tracking mobile apps are also available. If you are an Apple user there is an app available for the iPhone users. Similarly, if you have an android phone or a blueberry device you can use the USPS application easily.

What is new about USPS tracking?

The USPS has added hundreds of more trackers to their services and tracking devices within a few minutes have become very much possible. The tracking has to go through 13 events instead of five now and because of this innovation, the tracking process has become more reliable. The customers can also provide instruction if they won’t be able to collect the delivery on time. This would help to prevent the theft of packages. Your customer and you will be notified directly and instantly about where the package is. You don’t have to insert your information in the system again and again to know the delivery status. If you want to track the package online you can also enable the email updates so that you get regular updates about the status of your delivery via email.

What does your USPS tracking number look like?

The tracking system of every USPS service is unique and different. We are providing you with a sample below which will help you to identify what kind of number you would get. Remember that it is just an example and the actual number might be different from this sample. This is just to give you an idea about how your tracking number might look like.

How to track USPS international packages?

Unfortunately, tracking is not possible for international shipping. There are some international products that provide the facility of international tracking but they aren’t too many of them. If you are curious about whether your international shipping falls in the category of getting the tracking facility or you can ask the manufacturer directly.


With so many advancements in technology, it is now possible to track your product delivery. Now you don’t have to be worried whether your product is reaching your home safely or not. Tracking USPS services have helped a great deal to the online purchasers and dealers.

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